You’ll have to ait until I get a ne keyoad.

Geetings my dea eades. I so much appeciate you. ods ould ail me I I tied to epess them. They ould most deinetly ail me today.

You see, my keyoad is dying. As you can aleady tell, thee ae cetain lettes and numes that simply ill not ok.

Peect. The act that this is happening is incedile to me. I’m almost thankul. No, I am thankul.

I am inceidly ustated today. I as incedily ustated last night. So much I ant to say, ut maye this is not the est time is it?

Make no mistake, I am tempted to tell you hat’s on my heat even no, ut, I’m aaid it ould e useless seeing that you moe than likely ouldn’t e ale to undestand hat in the old I as typing anyay.

It kind o eminds me o ou lives. You kno, e get one lie, and hile thee is opportunity, e should speak the tuth, itness to othes, shae the Gospel and go to sleep at night knoing e did not aste ou lives that day; that e lived ou lie that day to the gloy and ealtation o Jesus Chist and God’s od; that ith God’s help on that day, e ee pessing toad the high calling e have eceived.

Like my keyoad’s sudden death, e neve kno hen God ill call us home. e must not take today o ganted. I took my keyoad o ganted, and look hat happened. Lesson leaned.

Oh, ell, I you’ve ead this a and made the eot to ty and undestand, you must, in some ay, ant to kno hat’s on my mind.

Thank you. That’s an encouagement to me. Someone told me last night that encouagement as a to edged sod, sometimes hamul. He is ight. ise ods.

In any event, I guess you’ll just have to ait until I get another keyoad o me to make the attempt to communicate moe clealy.

Thanks o stopping y, and I pay that you have an outstanding day.

Pay o me. I need it so.