The Truth About New Calvinism – Its History, Doctrine & Character (Vol. 1)

100_1038There’s a new book that many readers of 5ptsalt may want to check out. I’ve been reading the authors blog for awhile now, and, I have to say, it has my attention. In fact, I just received a copy of it today in the mail from the author. [Note: This is not a formal book review, in fact, I haven’t even finished it yet; but some errors of others which I have seen and heard are brought up in the book, and that alone I find helpful.]

A book is one thing, but a book that warns the Church of a major threat, names names of those who are the primary purveyors of heresy of our day, well, that’s even better. God, through the Apostle Paul, tells us in Scripture:

I appeal to you, brothers, to watch out for those who cause divisions and create obstacles contrary to the doctrine that you have been taught; avoid them.  – Romans 16:17

In every epistle he wrote, inspired by God the Holy Spirit, the Apostle Paul mentioned errors and warnings, and condemnations of false teaching in every epistle, with the exception of Philemon I believe. Jesus Himself, never once backed down from criticizing and condemning the false teachers and false doctrines of the day. Why should we?

Political correctness, love for the world and careers and things all war for our attention. When we let them win (Romans 6!), and it doesn’t matter what our own justification for them is, the supremacy and authority of God’s Word is put on the back burner.

Let’s face it, there’s a whole lot of theology and teaching out there today that is quite popular, and driven, at least partially, by celebrities that make up or highly influence movements of much of ‘conservative evangelicalism.’  Those on the speaker circuit are hammering a message, and a message with the same common denominator: contemplate, reflect and realize more Gospel, more grace; repent of our good works, as Christians; realize that you, as a Christian, are totally depraved. It’s known by many names and innuendoes like ‘gospel-sanctification’ and it is a lie. No, I’m not being ‘snarky’. Get over it, pay attention.

To anyone with a working, trusting knowledge of Gods Word, these things are not the truths of Scripture. But this book, at least, begins to deal with these issues, clarify them and expose the darkness of its teachings. More importantly, it tells you the history, character and doctrines of this movement known as ‘new Calvinism’. And this is only ‘volume 1’! I pray there is much more exposure to this modern-day heresy.

From what I have read from the blog itself, knowing what I know and according to Scripture itself (most importantly) this is a book worth reading.

Now, some of you reading this will recognize the names of John Piper, Ligon Duncan, Al Mohler, Mark Driscoll, Tim Keller, Tullian Tchividjian, Wade Burleson, R.C. Sproul, etc., along with groups such as The Gospel Coalition, Desiring God, T4G, etc., etc., and here is a book that gives you the skinny on where such teachings such as ‘the total depravity of Christians’ came from (specifically, 7th day Adventists and the Australian forum).

Get this book. Here’s a link if you’re interested, along with a sample from the book.