‘Holy Rage’ At Perry Noble’s NewSpring Church

We’ve all heard how every story has two sides. It’s true. This story about Perry Noble, NewSpring church and James Duncan (of Pajama Pages) is a complicated one. In fact, it’s perhaps best to let Duncan himself tell it. Regardless, the story reveals the, shall we say, ‘shady’ side of NewSpring at the very least:

Recently, NewSpring made an announcement to the ‘church family’, which involved an unnamed critic of Noble, which begins:

Recently, certain events occurred that Pastor Perry and the Church’s leadership feel the NewSpring Church family needs to know about.

Earlier this year, a critic of the church from the Anderson community created a critical blog site and posted numerous blogs disagreeing with the methods of NewSpring Church and the messages that Pastor Perry has preached, including basic theological doctrine.

In February an employee of the church met with this individual in an attempt to resolve any misunderstandings and listen to his concerns. Since that meeting, the frequency and intensity of the critical blogs have increased. (Online Source)

Duncan, after revealing himself as ‘the critic’ fills in the sordid (and sad) details:

“In mid October, Perry Noble made an intriguing statement in one of his sermons that the church had fired one of its employees for “going over the line” against a critic. “Don’t worry,” Noble assured his flock, the guy didn’t blow up anyone’s house.

Noble gave no more details about what his employee had done or who the critic was.  He also didn’t reveal the kinds of activities—short of not blowing up houses—the person had been engaged in.

I was the critic, and what NewSpring subjected my family to was much more worrisome than blowing up a house.

It’s a long story. Take a seat. Take a deep breath. This will take a bit of telling.

I’m about to tell you how NewSpring insiders attempted to corrupt my family, sabotage an adoption, destroy my career, and ruin my reputation. This campaign, which became the subject of a police investigation, was conducted with the knowledge and encouragement of NewSpring’s senior leadership.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Billboards Article

Two years ago I submitted a column to the Anderson Independent, our local daily newspaper, which criticized a billboard campaign that NewSpring was conducting in our city that presented a bleak and degrading view of parenthood. Predicting the corrosive effects of the campaign on families and children, in particular my own, I asked Perry Noble, the pastor of the church, to take them down.

Before they published my article, someone at the newspaper asked me if I was really sure I wanted to do this. “They’ll come after you and try to destroy you,” I was told. Besides my house being flour bombed and a few people shouting at me as they passed by my office, the reaction wasn’t too bad.”

Read the rest of James Duncan’s account here.

And here’s the link to NewSprings Announcement To The NewSpring Church Family

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