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The Myth of the ‘Radical’ Muslim

The mainstream media in America, and the United States government (if it can be called that at all) has hoodwinked, lied to and gone out of their way to deceive American citizens as to their true wicked intentions – the destruction of Christianity (which will never happen). Every religion on earth, in every age since […]

Obama: “I Heard the News on Dateline”

Congressman Trey Gowdy Silences Obama Loving Mainstream Media in 3 Minutes

Republican congressman Trey Gowdy of South Carolina asks the media questions on Benghazi. This is epic. Boom.

Obama: Taking America Down

The film, ‘2016’ was released the summer of 2012 and asked a basic question: What might America be like in 2016 if Barack Obama were re-elected to a second term? In the film, many predictions were made regarding Obama’s presidency. None were positive. Now, looking back since the film’s release, Dinesh D’Souza reviews those predictions, […]

Anti-Depressant for Obama

Little Boy Prays TO Barack Obama

The man stands for all things godless, yet how many other young minds in this country are being either taught or allowed to think of Obama as so much more than President? Barack Obama, thank you for doing everything and all the kind stuff. Thank you for all the stuff that you helped us with. […]

Tap It: The NSA Slow Jam

Government surveillance never sounded so smooth. LYRICS You see me rolling around in a black Mercedes cruising around town and it’s packed with ladies Gotta keep it going yeah I’m roaming the map No I never stop until I find something to tap Awww yeah… [CHORUS] Nokia, iPhone, Galaxy 3 Facebook and your search history […]

Candidate Obama vs President Obama

See any difference?

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas: Obama is President Because He’s Approved By ‘Elites’

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas said having a black president in the U.S. is only possible if the candidate is “approved by the elites and the media” because otherwise the person will be expected to behave in the “prescribed” way that whites expect. Speaking in an April 9 interview with C-SPAN, Thomas was asked if […]

Repealing the 2nd Amendment: Blinded by Spiritual Darkness

This video is not evidence of a special kind of stupidity. It is evidence of how the darkness of being spiritually dead not only ignores the biblical teaching of the laws of God, specifically, the sixth commandment, but also demonstrates the apathy and lethargy that is prominent in Americans who have grown far too comfortable […]

The Ugly Truth About Benghazi & Team Obama

the full power of the constitution must be brought to bear. Nobody is above the law, even the president. – Michael Goodwin, New York Post Until Friday, there were two possible explanations for why the White House failed to immediately call the Benghazi attack an act of terrorism. One was incompetence, the other was worse. […]

Rant: Why Is Hillary Clinton Going to Jerusalem?

Because the U.S. is arrogant, and think they are the world’s savior, that’s why. This latest debacle of the Obama administration really gnaws on my nerves. Apparently, Hillary has been dispatched to Jerusalem, Ramallah and Cairo to seek an end to the Israel/Gaza fighting. Why? Let ‘em blow each other up. Why should the Obama […]

6 Things That Always Happen When God is Rejected By A Nation

Anytime a people choose a government or a wicked man as king or president, God declares the consequences: An anti-Biblical military conscription will be instituted or enforced. There will be compulsory labor battalions conscripted for state service. The conscription will be of young men and women, and animals as well. The state will expropriate property, […]

Obama Doesn’t Want to Win

David Leach: I’m about to write a little blog piece where I advance this theory: Obama does not really want to win. You might protest that his ego will not allow him to even consider loosing, and though I understand that point, and concede it might be true,  I tend to disagree. Here’s why. You […]

Lt. Col: Obama Knew Immediately About Benghazi Attack

A Lt. Col called into the Rush Limbaugh radio show and explained exactly how and why the White House and the President of the United States knew immediately about Benghazi and that the Ambassador was in danger. And yet, those who have been given the power and authority to ‘pull the trigger’ on an immediate […]

Romney and Obama Are Not Goode

This is an interesting side-by-side comparison of presidential candidates. While many have made their minds up on who they will vote for, it’s good to be reminded that there’s more than two dogs in the race.

Honk if You Love Slavery

What I find so ironic about the video clip below is that blacks claim they and their ancestors hate slavery. And yet, people – both black and white – the nation over will be flocking to the polls to vote for Obama, again, in order to be just that, enslaved. They’ll vote for Obama, continue […]

Honey, Did You Build That?

President Obama’s Extreme Views on Abortion

On August 28, 2012 the Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) announced the launch of a $150,000 television ad campaign across Missouri highlighting President Obama’s extreme record on abortion and featuring abortion survivor Melissa Ohden. Missouri has recently been at the center of the conversation on abortion. "In light of the recent national discussion over […]

70% Of Obama’s Twitter Followers Are Fake

Who’da thunk it? (USA TODAY) President Obama’s Twitter account has 18.8 million followers — but more than half of them really don’t exist, according to reports. A new Web tool has determined that 70% of Obama’s crowd includes “fake followers,” The New York Times reports in a story about how Twitter followers can be purchased. […]

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