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September 25

10 Reasons Why Roman Catholicism and Christianity Will Forever Be Irreconcilable

The issue which is often brought out amongst Protestants and Catholics is whether Roman Catholics are Christians and does Catholic theology agree with the Bible? It is the sincere belief of this writer that Catholic doctrine cannot be considered biblically accurate and is therefore incompatible with the written word of God. In this study we […]

Ten Reasons to Be An Historic Baptist

We’re the only ones who can trace our doctrine back through Scripture to the Apostles – and no, we are not ‘landmark’ Baptists. We were never part of the Protestant Reformation, because we were never a part of the Roman Catholic cult. Everyone else…was. We make the best green-bean casseroles. We don’t have the problem […]

Satan: Neither Prince nor Ruler of This World

The consummation of the kingdom of God is eschatological. However, the present reality of the kingdom is certainly not, nor is that of the present reign of Jesus Christ as King of kings. It is a great comfort to the Church that at the right hand of God is seated He Who reigns supremely over […]

Moore, Oklahoma: Baptists, the Faith-based FEMA

Harry Smith and Brian Williams were in Moore, Oklahoma in an NBC News special Tuesday night, covering the destruction and relief/recovery efforts underway. They mentioned in the broadcast that immediately after the tornado, Baptists were on sight and working. Smith: “As you and I have seen in so many different places in this country, if […]

You’re Not Baptist

If you call yourself Baptist – and you are a Pastor, a Sunday School teacher, or even a ‘Christian’ blogger, and you encourage people who are professing Christians, to read or follow anything by The Gospel Coalition, or listen to and trust those who promote them, I truly do not see how you can possibly […]

Should Christians Observe Lent?

I’m not against traditions, generally speaking. On the contrary, I’m all for it. Raised in the South, I enjoy Southern traditions to the hilt, and unapologetically. Yet, when it comes to Christians observing Lent, I’m a little more than hesitant to give a green light. The practice and observance of Lent is extra-Biblical, human tradition, […]

Cooperative Baptists Going the Way of Emergents

  There’s a disturbing and growing trend in Baptist camps, namely, that of the practice of contemplative worship. It’s an ancient form of worship alright, but it’s not biblical. Just more strange fire leading Protestants back to Romish popery. This article in the Associated Baptist Press (ABP) talks about this growing trend. Listen to one […]

September 03

10 Reasons to Stop Calling the Gospel ‘Scandalous’

but we preach Christ crucified, to Jews a stumbling block and to Gentiles foolishness, but to those who are the called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God. – I Corinthians 1:23, 24 To those religious Jews in the days surrounding the crucifixion of Christ Jesus, anyone put […]

What Is A Baptist?

If asked the question, I would say…. A Baptist, being the only non-Protestant and non-catholic Christian group on the planet, above all holds the Bible alone as the sole authority to faith and practice. Baptists fought for and won by God’s grace liberty of conscience, individual soul liberty. A Baptist’ believes the local church is […]

Steve Lawson: The Standard for a Local, Biblical Church

Russell Moore, Al Mohler–Blurring the Line Between the Holy & the Profane

From Newcalvinist: “Dr. Russell Moore spoke about how the church can dialogue with the hip-hop culture. He said: There is something in hip-hop that we can learn from in all kinds of ways, in our evangelism, in our discipleship, in our preaching, especially in our preaching. He asserted that the lyrics of rap music are […]

Why Fred Luter Was Elected Leader of the SBC

They say … this will say a lot to the kingdom of heaven that here’s a convention that was started as a result of slavery and the past that we have, now an African American pastor is leading them. I just feel that with my personality and my commitment to the Word of God, that […]

That Strange Little Greek Word

“It is often said that the Greek preposition ‘eis,’ translated ‘into,’ means ‘to,’ and that Philip and the eunuch went only to the water.  If this is true, then the ‘wise men’ did not go ‘into the house,’ and did not return “into their own country,” and the demons (Matthew 8:31-33) did not enter ‘into […]

It’s Easy, or Maybe Not

It’s easy to become more outspoken on generally accepted views within the reformed, Calvinistic community, isn’t it? It’s easier to be more openly pro-life. It’s easier to be more openly anti-gay. It’s easier to be more openly ‘conservative’, whatever that means. It’s all so much easier, especially when you are backed by a herd of […]

Answering Dr. R.C. Sproul

There is no explicit command to baptize infants of believing parents. There is no prohibition or forbidding command in Scripture against the baptism of infants. We do have explicit commands in Scripture for the baptism of believing adults, along with the explicit requirement of a profession of faith prior to baptism. This, I believe, will […]

The Baptist Dog

A Baptist couple felt it important to own an equally Baptist pet. So, they went shopping. At a kennel specializing in this particular breed, they found a dog they liked quite a lot. When they asked the dog to fetch the Bible, he did it in a flash. When they instructed him to look up […]

Justification & the 1689 London Baptist Confession

Under the heading for Justification, the 1689 London Baptist Confession says this: 1._____    Those whom God effectually calleth, he also freely justifieth, not by infusing righteousness into them, but by pardoning their sins, and by accounting and accepting their persons as righteous; not for anything wrought in them, or done by them, but for Christ’s […]

John Piper Succession Team Underway

From Bethlehem Baptist Church: The Succession Search Team (made up of elders from the former “Vision & Succession” Committee and our lead pastors) would like the congregation to be apprised of the timeline and status of the search for a pastor to succeed Pastor John. Please use the timeline for this process(as described at the […]

John Leland: Confessions of Faith A ‘Virgin Mary’

Why this Virgin Mary between the souls of men and the scriptures? Had a system of religion been essential to salvation, or even to the happiness of the saints, would not Jesus, who was faithful in all his house, have left us one? If he has, it is accessible to all. If he has not, […]

If You’re Baptist, Say So, and If You’re Not…

There are certain things that make a Baptist a Baptist. One is the absolute resolution that the Bible is the sole, final authority in all things, life and practice. That alone covers a lot of ground doesn’t it? It means that if you’re going to call yourself a Baptist, you cannot be non-denominational. If you […]

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