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Has the Church Lost the Fear of the Lord?

Corporate Worship & The Glory of God

Corporate worship must be unto God. When properly performed, it is unto God. It is oriented to the glory of God rather than the blessedness of man, and it aims at man’s blessedness only as a means to the end of God’s glory. All that the Christian does must be done to the glory of […]

Cost Of Livin’

This is Tuesday. ‘Round here, when we play music, it’s real music. HT

Jewish Fables – No Second Chance for Israel

…not devoting themselves to Jewish myths and the commands of people who turn away from the truth. – Titus 1:14 (ESV) The following is an excerpt from a wonderful work by Phillip Mauro entitled “The Hope of Israel”. Link to the entire work is available online in both HTML and PDF and can be found […]

Middle of the Road

Too often, in my opinion, we see the idea that the best way to operate is to move toward the middle of a discussion to look for common ground with your discussion counterpart(s) being deployed. This approach may work well in a Rotary Club meeting but is it the best way to conduct Theological debate? […]

Bre’r Rabbit & the Tar Baby

A lesson in humility… Here’s part 2:

Great Humility

“There is no disposition more the object of divine abhorrence and detestation than pride; nor consequently, any more amiable and necessary than humility. We are told, “God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace to the humble (James 4:6). To the same purpose the prophet Isaiah, “For thus saith the high and lofty One, that inhabiteth […]

A God-pleasing Life

“Beloved friend, if you desire to live a holy and God-pleasing life, and to inherit a home in heaven after this life, then you must bring all of your life, all your thoughts, words, and actions into subjection to the teachings of the Bible, as God has commanded. Deut. 5:32, 33. This is your only […]

How Much Grace Will You Need Today?

“You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his male servant, or his female servant, or his ox, or his donkey, or anything that is your neighbor’s. – Exodus 20:17 What then shall we say? That the law is sin? By no means! Yet if it had not […]

Our Peace With God

Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. – Romans 5:1 Our peace with God is not as between two nations before at war; but as between a king and rebellious and guilty subjects. While our hearts are at last at rest, it is because […]

True Religion Is Practical

True religion is always practical, for it does not permit us to delight ourselves in a perfect rule without exciting in us a longing to be conformed to it in our daily lives. A blessing belongs to those who hear and read and understand the word of the Lord; yet is it a far greater […]

A Puritan’s Prayer: God The Source of All Good

O Lord God, Who inhabitest eternity, The heavens declare thy glory, The earth thy riches, The universe is thy temple; Thy presence fills immensity, Yet thou hast of thy pleasure created life,     and communicated happiness; Thou hast made me what I am,     and given me what I have; In thee I live and […]

Oh, Calpurnia, If Only I Had Listened

Calpurnia, the wife of Julius Caesar, is best remembered for her devotion and her warning to him not to attend the fateful meeting of the Senate on the Ides of March, 44 B.C. (so Shakespeare, following Plutarch). Caesar and Calpurnia married in late 59 BC., when she was only sixteen years old. According to tradition, […]

To Die Is Gain–The Triumph of John & Betty Stam

Last week I found myself in a local missionary society, standing in front of a collection of books, tracts and various materials that had caught my eye. I perused, they asked if I had read, I said no, they offered, and I received. How’s that for a summation? Anyway, one of the books I was […]

The Twelve Days of Winter

Conservatives answer to ‘the war on Christmas’?


Years ago a famous evangelist was on his way to preach on a Lord’s Day morning when a young man drove up to the church in front of him in his buggy. The young man had an aged woman with him. The evangelist asked, “Who is this with you young man?” He replied, “Do you […]

One Hymn That Should Be Banished From The Church

by Pastor Anton Bosch, South Africa Introduction In order to understand the meaning of any hymn, poem or piece of prose, one needs to look at the circumstances surrounding the writing of that work and the mindset of the author. One of the most famous hymns is Amazing Grace. The words of that hymn are […]

A Puritan’s Prayer: God The All

O God Whose will conquers all, There is no comfort in anything apart from       enjoying thee     and being engaged in thy service; Thou art All in all, and all enjoyments are what     to me thou makest them, and no more. I am well pleased with thy will, whatever it is,     or […]

The Hidden Line [The Destiny of Men]

Here is a poem I ran across that well describes the peril of life–and death-apart from Christ, without hope. A portion of Psalm 95 is mentioned towards the end. The poem itself was written by Rev. Joseph Addison Alexander, third son of Archibald Alexander and who would become an assistant to Charles Hodge while at […]

Should Women Be Punished If They Had Illegal Abortions?

The Bible says “You shall not murder.” Exodus 20:13 Would you have them, if you could, tried in a court of law for murder?

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