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Yes! Take That Confederate Flag Down!

Thank goodness that Confederate Flag is finally being removed. It’s comforting to know that racism will finally be ended by pulling down this flag. Blacks will now be free to live the American dream; free to feel proud to claim, protect, and take responsibility for the babies they create, free to keep their families together, […]

July 11

How Americans Should Deal with the Amerikan Empire

There is a Southern fire that lives in all of us. So, when the Empire or one of its privileged groups demand that we remove the Confederate battle flag or a monument to our fallen heroes, there is a simple solution. Take the advice of one of the few honorable men who have ruled over […]

My Boys Finally Snagged A Grammy

The first time I heard the Steep Canyon Rangers band, I must have been smitten. Growing up, I was never a fan of bluegrass or twangy anything, but, it must be the Scot-Irish in me, because this stuff is great. Anyway, I think the last time I posted a video of these guys was sometime […]

November 27

Did A Black Family of Musicians Write “Dixie”?

From the University of Illinois Press: “Who really wrote the classic song “Dixie”? A white musician, or an African American family of musicians and performers? This book traces the lives of the Snowdens, an African American family of musicians and farmers living in rural Knox County, Ohio. Howard L. Sacks and Judith Rose Sacks examine […]

We Are More Than Ourselves

For men and women are not only themselves; they are also the region in which they were born, the city apartment or farm in which they learned to walk, the games they played as children, the old wives’ tales they overheard, the food they ate, the schools they attended, the sports they followed, the poems […]

HomeSchool History Series: A Real Teaching Alternative for Pro-Southern Parents

“Are you tired of politically correct histories of the War Between the States? Want to learn the facts about its true causes, the actual events, and the people involved? Now for the first time a new educational program is available for high schoolers and Moms & Dads too. Composed from carefully researched facts about the […]

Recommended Reading

Dr. Robert L. Dabney, A Defense of Virginia and the South History revisionists have long insisted that the true cause of the War Between the States was the allegedly immoral system of Southern slavery. To the contrary, Dr. Dabney shows from Scripture that slavery, as practiced in the South, was not inherently wicked, as claimed […]

Recommended Reading

Al Benson, Jr., and Walter Donald Kennedy, Lincoln’s Marxists (Pelican) “In 1865, Karl Marx, author of the Communist Manifesto, praised Lincoln as a “single-minded son of the working class.” This book examines why Marx—and other socialists—supported Mr. Lincoln’s War and notes his negative influence on modern society. Firsthand accounts and insight from notable historians shatter […]

In the Works: The Racism and Historical Ignorance of Thabiti Anyabwile & Doug Wilson

Well, a few days ago, I posted this letting you know that, Lord willing, I fully intend to address the historically inaccurate, continuously racist and pro-abolitionist flavored language that continues to dishonor the historical, godly men and leaders of the South during the War of Northern Aggression, passing along and perpetuating non-stop a solicitous, vile and intellectually […]

The Last Waltz and the Need for a Good Whuppin’

For those whose minds have not been polluted by government run, public education and brainwashed by the long, tireless, continued effort of those still attempting to reconstruct the South, it’s people – and the truth of American history, I hope you will appreciate what I’m about to say. There are few modern words that describe […]

A Highly Recommended Book

The Hymn has been of great importance to the people in the South throughout their history. In life and in death the ministry of the psalms and hymns have been a vital part of the fabric of life. Little is known about Southern Hymnology and almost nothing is known about Confederate Hymnology. A gospel minister […]

Heir to the Confederacy

I love the South. It really is not just a place, it’s a state of mind, and heart, and family rooted in the soil. Yep, I’m a grandson of the Southland, and an heir to the Confederacy, and I ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie….My family is living it, unashamedly. Thanks to my bride for pointing me […]

July 26

The Greatness of Child-like Faith

Robert Lewis Dabney, in his work, Life and Campaigns of Lieutenant-General Thomas J. Jackson, describes an important key to the Christian faith and character of ‘Stonewall’ Jackson. He mentions that Jackson “embraced the doctrines common to all, with a faith so entire and prevalent.” This fine example of Christian integrity and the respect he received […]

Smokes & Ears

See the story of the Big Apple Inn in Jackson, Mississippi. Known as "Big John’s" by its faithful customers, the Big Apple Inn’s defining duo of pig ear sandwiches and hot smoked sausage sandwiches (known as "smokes") has kept folks coming back again and again for over 70 years, and counting. Related videos: & Fried […]

& Fried Pies

“Mr. Elzy "E.W." Mayo of Mayo’s Mahalia Jackson Chicken & Fried Pies, in Nashville, makes what he calls "the world’s best pies." He didn’t have too much to say about the chicken, so we focused on the other side of the ampersand. Sadly, Mr. Mayo no longer cooks the pies featured in this short video, […]

Music Monday: Josh Williams

This Monday’s choice has quite the twist. Josh Williams sings Mark Mathewson’s Mordecai at the Doyle Lawson Bluegrass Festival at Denton Farm Park in Denton, NC. While the song is kickin’ bluegrass, something happens around the 1:35 mark that I’m pretty sure will make your jaw drop. At the very least, I guarantee you’ll smile. […]

Russell Moore, Al Mohler–Blurring the Line Between the Holy & the Profane

From Newcalvinist: “Dr. Russell Moore spoke about how the church can dialogue with the hip-hop culture. He said: There is something in hip-hop that we can learn from in all kinds of ways, in our evangelism, in our discipleship, in our preaching, especially in our preaching. He asserted that the lyrics of rap music are […]

Eat or We’ll Both Starve

The story of Mississippi’s Taylor Grocery, and proprietors Lynn and Debbie Hewlett.  It’s hailed as the South’s best catfish joint and it has a brown bag policy.  Diners don’t mind waiting on the front porch for a table, sometimes for hours.

Oh, But You Are Whistlin’ Dixie!

According to a Rasmussen poll on the Federal government, over 51% of American’s believe that the government is more of a threat to individual rights than a protector of them, with 15% undecided. In an even more recent poll, over 24% believe individual states have the right to secede from the United States . In […]

Behind the Dixie Stars

Did you know that when ‘the war’ started, the largest plantation in Charleston, SC, was owned by a free black man – who owned 200 slaves? Here’s a 7 minute Documentary featuring Nelson W. Winbush, a black son of confederate black soldier Luis Napoleon Nelson who fought under Nathan Bedford Forest. A series of interviews, […]

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