My Boys Finally Snagged A Grammy

The first time I heard the Steep Canyon Rangers band, I must have been smitten. Growing up, I was never a fan of bluegrass or twangy anything, but, it must be the Scot-Irish in me, because this stuff is great. Anyway, I think the last time I posted a video of these guys was sometime in February of 2012, with Don’t Ease Me In. Check it out, it’s a hoppin’, foot-stompin tune – and it’ll really frustrate the knuckleheads that wanted 5ptsalt to be another cookie-cutter, “be-one-of-us-and-don’t-rock-the-boat-or-be-serious-about-doctrine” reformed blog.

Regardless, the Steep Canyon Rangers have finally snagged a Grammy Award in late 2013, and I’m happy for them. Way to go guys!

Here’s some short interview clips (the EPK) for the Grammy Winning Song, Nobody Knows You…etc.

Here’s the song that sealed the deal….

But here’s an SCR vid you don’t want to miss, and it’s pretty funny, featuring Steve Martin, himself quite the accomplished banjo player…. “Atheist Aint Got No Songs”

and my personal favorite of all time….so far… “Knob Creek”