Yes! Take That Confederate Flag Down!

Thank goodness that Confederate Flag is finally being removed.

It’s comforting to know that racism will finally be ended by pulling down this flag.

Blacks will now be free to live the American dream; free to feel proud to claim, protect, and take responsibility for the babies they create, free to keep their families together, free to value education, free to support their own children, free to stop murdering each other, free to graduate from high school, free to get married before having babies, and free to immediately stop crime in their neighborhoods.

Now they all will get meaningful jobs, work hard as others do, refuse to abuse the welfare system, give up their gangland persona, begin to dress like human beings, stop their third grade-level gibberish and speech stupidity and begin speaking the English language so that everyone will understand them.

So now and beginning immediately, everyone in the United States, Canada, and in the entire world will all rest easier knowing that those problems have ceased to exist.

Yeah, that was satire.