How Americans Should Deal with the Amerikan Empire


There is a Southern fire that lives in all of us.

So, when the Empire or one of its privileged groups demand that we remove the Confederate battle flag or a monument to our fallen heroes, there is a simple solution.

Take the advice of one of the few honorable men who have ruled over the Empire and just say, “No.”

When the empire orders that we give up a Southern tradition, the answer should be another automatic, “No.”

When they tell us to change our Southern way of life to better fit in with their plans, “No.”

If the empire suggests that we disarm for our own good, “No.”

When they order us to change the Southern way of thinking, “No!”

What can the empire do about it? Will they oppress us? Will they slander or libel us? Could they occupy us with troops? Could the empire’s judges subject us to social engineering? Would they bomb us? Kill us?

The Amerikan Empire already does these things, and will continue to do so whether we resist or not. So, why worry?

Deo Vindice. Resurgam. God will vindicate. I shall rise again.