Recommended Reading


Dr. Robert L. Dabney, A Defense of Virginia and the South

History revisionists have long insisted that the true cause of the War Between the States was the allegedly immoral system of Southern slavery. To the contrary, Dr. Dabney shows from Scripture that slavery, as practiced in the South, was not inherently wicked, as claimed by the Northern Abolitionists, but was recognized and regulated by God’s Word, and that, while the wealth of New England was initially built almost exclusively from the "iniquitous traffick" of the African slave trade, the South, and Virginia in particular, was merely the unwilling recipients of the hapless Negroes who were landed on her shores in violation of first Colonial, then State law. This book will challenge everything you thought you knew about antebellum slavery.

confederate trilogyMary L. Williamson, A Confederate Trilogy for Young Readers (Sprinkle)

Suitable for young people through adult. Outstanding biographies of Robert E. Lee, Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson, and J.E.B. Stuart. Mrs. Williamson, a Virginia school teacher writing near the beginning of the 20th century, saw the need for reliable histories and character builders.



Stonewall-Jacksons-ChaplainH. Rondel Rumburg"Stonewall" Jackson’s Chaplain: Beverly Tucker Lacy (Biblical and Southern Studies)

This is the first full-length biography of Beverly Tucker Lacy, the chaplain to "Stonewall" Jackson and the Second Corps or Stonewall Brigade. Lacy was an ordained minister of the Old School Presbyterian Church. He was a trustee of Washington College. Lacy was a son and grandson of Presbyterian ministers. 371 pages including an index.

“What a wonderful informative blessing Dr. Rumburg has rendered to Southern and Christian history.  His book, "Stonewall" Jackson’s Chaplain: Beverly Tucker Lacy is a fine example of academic excellence that gives life and perspective to our Southern Christian heroes.

It is indexed, footnoted and has an excellent bibliography.  As is his custom it reads easily while it informs and carries you to a time when men in America were men and Christianity was recognized as vital to a civilization’s survival.

Most people today, including Christians, have no concept of the mind-set of our ancestors during those horrible years, particularly when Rev. Lacy states on page 179 and again in the Appendix 3 on page 318, "This may be the last struggle for constitutional liberty which will be made on this continent."

Chapter 17 is perhaps the finest and most powerful account of the last days of our beloved General "Stonewall" Jackson that has ever been penned by an author, making it a memorable addition to our history. If you are a Christian you should read this book.  If your interest is history you should read this book.  If you would like to know how far the civilization has fallen you definitely need to read this book.

Beverly Tucker Lacy was an extraordinary man and greatly used of God.  Would that there were men of his quality filling America’s pulpits today. Thank you Dr. Rumburg.  In my estimation your efforts have produced a superior work.” – Rex Miller, Timberville VA


The-Confederate-CookbookLynda Moreau (Editor), The Confederate Cookbook: Family Favorites from the Sons of the Confederate Veterans

“The Confederate Cookbook: Family Favorites from the Sons of the Confederate Veterans has gained 340 of Dixie’s finest recipes from contemporary Confederate kitchens from Florida to Alaska. Here you will find delicious, traditional recipes that evoke the flavor of the Old South, as well as savory contemporary and regional favorites. Fascinating historic anecdotes and previously unpublished images of identified Confederate soldiers are here for your perusal, along with easy-to-use instructions on how to make some of the most delicious dishes ever to grace your sideboard.”