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The Need to Preach the Atonement By the Death of Christ

The sense of debt to Christ is the most profound and pervasive of all emotions in the New Testament, and only a gospel which evokes this, as the gospel of Atonement does, is true to the primitive and normal Christian type. Not only must Atonement by the death of Christ be preached if we would […]

Holy Hip-Hop and the Presentation of the Gospel

From Brian McClung: Is this [holy hip-hop/Christian rap] a God honoring, Scriptural way to present the Gospel? No, it most certainly isn’t and can never be! How can it ever be right to employ the music of the world, styles of music that stem from a rebellious, immoral culture, to present the Gospel? You cannot […]

The Robertsons

The Sin of Pandering

…do I seek to please men? For if I still pleased men, I would not be a servant of Christ, (Galatians 1:10) Paul wrote these words in a context that had one premise: There is only one gospel! (See also, 1 Tim. 1:3). He was disturbed that some in Galatia had turned away from the […]

Six Essential Truths of Biblical Saving Faith: (Part 2) The Depravity of Man

[ Part 1 of the series, an introduction, can be found here. ] You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he […]

Billy Graham’s Last–and Dangerous, Damnable–Message to America

Mixed with truth, the devil’s lie is always inviting. This video has great cinematography, excellent production, and a message that leaves everyone feeling good. But it’s not true. It’s not Truth. To tell the world that God loves you is speculation at best. You’re not God, and have no right to tell anyone that God […]

The Law of God Promotes the Gospel

The great design of the law was, that the promise by faith of Jesus Christ, might be given to those that believe; that, being convinced of their guilt, and the insufficiency of the law to effect a righteousness for them, they might be persuaded to believe on Christ, and so obtain the benefit of the […]

My Current Beef

If you’re  a pastor, an evangelist or a “missionary” then please stop preaching the Gospel to the Church of Jesus Christ and go talk to someone who has never heard the Gospel! The more you convince those who know the Gospel that they need to hear it again and again, and only that, the more […]

October 02

Grace Unplugged…Plugged.

It seems like everyone is pretty excited about the release of the new film, Grace Unplugged. I have no doubt this film will be incredibly popular. From the Grace Unplugged facebook page: Grace Trey aspires to more than just singing at church. When she begins tasting the stardom she’s always dreamed of, will it lead […]

The Pardon and Peace Made Sure

“Christ for us,” the obedient in the room of the disobedient, is the first part of our message. His assumption of the legal claims, which otherwise would have made good against us, is the security for our deliverance. That deliverance becomes an actual thing to us immediately upon our consenting to allow Him to undertake […]

Preacher, Will You Stop at Only Words?

Truth is too serious to joke with.. Would that today’s preachers proclaimed the Gospel, as well as liberty, as in the days of old. From the film, The Patriot: Related articles Dear Visible Church (5ptsalt.com) Top Three Justifications for Celebrity Preacher Worship (5ptsalt.com)

September 21

Puritan Assurance: A Cruel Doctrine of Doubt

The following is an excerpt from a work (available in its entirety online) entitled The Gift of Assurance by Prof. David J. Engelsma. With the rampant spread of puritan mysticism infecting protestant churches crossing all denominational lines, the subject is of the greatest import. I cannot recommend highly enough the reading of this small work. […]

Q&A: Naming Names

Q: Why do you name names of people you think are teaching or preaching unbiblical doctrines? Ans: Because if I do, you will know better, hopefully, who to be aware of. Listen, erroneous doctrine, or heresy, has grave doctrinal implications. It can mislead to the point of deceiving those who think they are saved when […]

The Gospel and Its Implications

1. Christ died. Implication 1.1: Christ was (and is) a Godman who could die. Implication 1.2: Christ did not swoon or faint or merely appear to die. Implication 1.3: Christ laid down his life; he was not killed against his will. 2. Christ died for our sins. Implication 2.1: Christ died for a purpose, not […]

Bleating Wolves & Ecumenicals: The Meaning of Evangelicals and Catholics Together

Part of the immediate problem [within the Church] is that many so-called evangelical churches and leaders spent much of the mid-twentieth century separating themselves from those who preached separation from unbelief. The neo-evangelicals had such a horror of separation that they had to separate from the separationists. Carl Henry was one of the leaders of […]

Christians Supporting A False Gospel

There is nothing holy about the dirt in the Middle east. More so, there is nothing holy about a people anywhere who are at enmity with Jesus Christ. Yet, reportedly 60% of evangelicals have believed and are proclaiming from pulpits and podiums across this globe that both a land and a people in the Middle […]

Satan: Neither Prince nor Ruler of This World

The consummation of the kingdom of God is eschatological. However, the present reality of the kingdom is certainly not, nor is that of the present reign of Jesus Christ as King of kings. It is a great comfort to the Church that at the right hand of God is seated He Who reigns supremely over […]

August 03

Thank God and Take Courage

What more glorious reason for thanking God and taking courage than the prospect of the Lord bringing eternal victory by the salvation of souls.  How desperately we need such a work in our present spiritual nightmare.  There is good hope, for the Lord delights to show His mercy in the darkest hours.  Our ancestors witnessed […]

Truth vs. Fallacy #2: “There Are Many Interpretations of Scripture”

Fallacy:  [ A common thought ] “It’s not true that because I interpret the Bible in a particular way, and am confident of my interpretation, those who interpret it differently must "reject God’s word as authoritative". They might be just interpreting it incorrectly, but with full integrity. And so might I. Passionate doctrinal debate is […]

April 22

Not Your Daddy’s Star-Spangled Banner

Madison Rising is a band on a mission: “to not only make great music, but also send a message that American culture is alive and well.” I’m all for patriotism, to a point, that is, but I’m not so sure about ‘American culture’. That’s a pretty broad brush and includes many things I’m sure most […]

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