Russell Moore, Al Mohler–Blurring the Line Between the Holy & the Profane

From Newcalvinist:

“Dr. Russell Moore spoke about how the church can dialogue with the hip-hop culture. He said:

There is something in hip-hop that we can learn from in all kinds of ways, in our evangelism, in our discipleship, in our preaching, especially in our preaching.

He asserted that the lyrics of rap music are really very deeply doctrinal and theological. He also claimed that the church has much to learn from hip-hop culture about proper biblical contextualization. He even invited Lecrae to recommend a list of Christian rap artists.  The effect of these programs, coming from the Albert Mohler Program, with the blessing of Southern Baptist Seminary, is to endorse rap and hip-hop culture among theological students and young Christians. The Albert Mohler Program has welcomed the world into the church—it has put no difference between the holy and the profane….

…Yet despite his vast knowledge of theology, and his prominent position as a leader of the Church, he has chosen to allow the Southern Theological Seminary to promote the Christian hip-hop movement. And by doing so he has made worldly music acceptable to thousands upon thousands of young theological students who are taking the perverted messages of rap music and hip-hop culture into churches around the USA.”

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