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February 06

Why the Devil Lets You Alone

Wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from this body of death? – Romans 7:24 “I shall conclude by making an observation or two to many now present. There are some here who say, “I am never disturbed in that fashion.” Then I am sorry for you. I will tell you the reason […]

For Shepherds to Butcher

If we look over the prophets [of the Old Testament], we shall find that the rulers are peculiarly guilty: the princes were become mighty oppressors: and when foreign enemies attacked them, unnaturally joined and conspired their ruin! This was a crime of the highest nature. For nothing can be more aggravated than for the shepherds […]

Preaching ‘Special Day’ Sermons

Preaching ‘special day’ sermons is an American tradition. Along with Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc, many pastors substitute the sermon with special occasion messages which are sentimental, humanitarian and patriotic. I’m all for American traditions, within reason, but it is troublesome to me that so many seem led to preach by what is expected from […]

The Lost Authority of the Pulpit

Theodore Wedel: Is the authority of the pulpit under a cloud in contemporary church life in America? Statistics are not available, and armchair indictments ought to be suspect. Yet evidence is not lacking that the Sunday sermon, still an institutionalized marvel of loyalty to tradition in our common life, occupies a place of less importance, […]

Preaching from the Old Testament

While preparing for my most recent sermon from 2 Chronicles 32:31, I was asked by my wife what the text would be. When I told her, she asked me a question I’d been asked before, “Why do you preach so much from the Old Testament?” Good question. I can think of a few reasons. First, […]

The Perpetuity of God’s Law

I should like to say to any brother who thinks that God has put us under an altered rule: “Which particular part of the law is it that God has relaxed?” Which precept do you feel free to break? – C.H. Spurgeon The law of God is no more than God might most righteously ask […]

A Much Needed Rebuke

  The goal of your life must not be a scheme to gain popularity so that you can use it for God. The goal of your life must be to know God better, that you might serve Him more faithfully. – Voddie Baucham Voddie Baucham has delivered here a message that is a tremendously needed, […]


C.H. Spurgeon: “God Himself, at one time, seemed to be against us: the ten great cannon of His Law were turned against our walls; all heaven and earth mustered for battle; God Himself was against us, at least, so conscience reported from her look-out. But, now, at this moment, having believed in Jesus Christ, we […]

Pitfalls in Redemptive-Historical Preaching

Jared Moore has written an excellent piece on the pitfalls of Redemptive-historical preaching and offers some suggestions on how to remedy them. “Dane Ortlund, back in 2011 asked several pastors and scholars this question, "What’s the message of the Bible in one sentence?" In other words, "What’s the metanarrative of the Bible?" The metanarrative of […]

The Proper Length of A Sermon

How long should a sermon last? Until people start looking at their watches? Until you can audibly hear the growling of stomachs from the pulpit? I know that, as a Baptist, typically, sermons run roughly 45 minutes to an hour. Yes, some churches – with all the entertainment and singing, special music, etc, leave on […]

Big Announcement from MLJ Trust

“Dear Friend, This is probably the biggest announcement the MLJ Trust will ever make. Starting from tomorrow, April 12th, all 1,600 recorded sermons by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones will be available to download, at no cost, to anyone who wants to listen to them! There are no exceptions, so the Ephesians sermons, Romans sermons, etc. will […]

Preaching by Committee

Many worshipers see it as the loneliest part of a minister’s job: crafting a sermon alone, in the wee hours, the only aids a Bible and some reference books before presenting the fully formed product to the congregation the next day. But increasingly, that view of sermon-writing is outdated. At a growing number of churches, […]

Biography: Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Dr Lloyd-Jones’ reputation as an inspired, authoritative and prophetic preacher of the Christian faith developed in his first church, Bethlehem Forward Movement Church in Aberavon, Wales, which experienced remarkable conversions. His reputation then grew steadily over 30 years of ministry in Westminster Chapel, London, England, between 1938 and 1968. For much of that time he […]

Every Christian A Saint

The Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ Recording trust is presenting a series of Dr. Jones sermons on the Letter to the Ephesians, one sermon per week. MLJ4001 The Mystery of God Ephesians 1:1 – preached on Sunday 3rd October 1954. … The most sublime and most majestic statement of the Gospel; … a general view of the letter; […]

Martyn Lloyd-Jones: The Church’s Actions Against Preaching

“As preaching has waned, there has been an increase in the formal element in the service. It is interesting to observe how Free-Church men, non-Episcopalians, whatever you may call them, have been increasingly borrowing these ideas from the Episcopal type of service as preaching has waned. They have argued that the people should have a […]

The Best Way to Pray

Oh, my Brothers and Sisters, you will not do better, after all, than to quote Scripture, especially in prayer! There are no prayers so good as those that are full of the Word of God! May all our speech be flavored with texts! -C.H. Spurgeon, 1893, Sermon 2310

Jonathan Edwards: Who Is This King of Glory? (Previously Unpublished Sermon on Psalm 24:7-10)

Yea, he entered there, not only to receive the glory of being king of heaven, but king of the whole universe, that he might have a name above every name that is named, both of “things in heaven and things in earth.” He had all power given him in heaven and in earth, and had […]

Voddie Baucham on Brokenness (Psalm 51)

Voddie Baucham on brokenness in the Christian, Rob Bell, The Shack and more. It is excellent. Text: Psalm 51 Part 1: Part 2:

Steven J. Lawson: Natural Man, Spiritual Man

Without the Holy Spirit being at work, no unsaved person can ever hear or ever understand the truth of the Gospel; no matter how high their IQ may be; no matter how vast their educational background; no matter how gifted they are in understanding literature – without the Holy Spirit of God, they cannot grasp […]

A New Years Gift for Every Believer

“Knowing the time—that now it is high time to awake out of sleep; for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.” Romans 13:11 by Samuel Davies, (January 1, 1760) TIME, like an ever-running stream, is perpetually gliding on, and hurrying each of us into the boundless ocean of eternity! We are now entering […]

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