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Here is the comment policy. If you plan to comment here, please be aware:

  1. Be nice, show respect to everyone, including the host, even if you disagree.
  2. If you comment, please understand you are giving up any copyright claims.
  3. If I don’t like the link you embed in your comment, I will delete it.
  4. If your comment is off topic OR is lengthy, send it to me by email. It will not be posted.
  5. I decide if your comment goes through or not, not you. That’s just the way it is.
  6. If your comment includes Matthew 18 over a public issue, it won’t see the light of day.
  7. Please do not automatically expect a reply, especially on Sunday. You may or may not get one. There is life to be lived.
  8. Commenters must use both first and last names. Absolutely no anonymous comments allowed. If you stand behind what you say, put your name to it.
  9. If you comment, and it is clear you did not even read the post, you’re comment will not be posted.
  10. No email address? No post.
  11. Accusing someone of being a racist or other derogatory term just because they have a different historical view on the War of Northern Aggression will get you permanently banned from commenting.
  12. While 5ptsalt welcomes most comments, I do not welcome comments designed to teach opposing views. 5ptsalt is not a forum for you to teach what I believe in good conscience to be in opposition to God’s Word. Opposing views are welcome, just remember that this is not your platform.

That being said, welcome to 5ptsalt.