In the Works: The Racism and Historical Ignorance of Thabiti Anyabwile & Doug Wilson

Well, a few days ago, I posted this letting you know that, Lord willing, I fully intend to address the historically inaccurate, continuously racist and pro-abolitionist flavored language that continues to dishonor the historical, godly men and leaders of the South during the War of Northern Aggression, passing along and perpetuating non-stop a solicitous, vile and intellectually unhinged and historically uninformed hatred to the Church, all under the guise of Christian love, charity and helpfulness. What they are pushing is, however, harmful.

This stupid nonsense has gone on long enough with little or no answer from anyone. The Church is being influenced with lies and ignorance by men with a highly visible platform and they have sway regardless of whether they have any clue as to that which they speak. Enough is enough.

I’ve already addressed slavery recently in this post, not as Thabiti and Doug would have us believe, but as Scripture has testified. With these guys, sola Scriptura is awesome when convenient to firm up their positions, but is thrown out the window when it comes to the South and the venerable, godly Christians of the Confederacy.

Thabiti has been notified of my intent today in response to this :

Thabiti, my dear brother in Christ,

Your continued insistence that the South stole men as slaves is most lacking in historical knowledge and based entirely on preferential beliefs of government education. The historical truth is, if only you would do your homework, that the South purchased – and took great concern for the health and well-being of – their slaves. They purchased them from the northern states, of which Massachusetts was the first to pass laws regarding the handling of slaves. Slavery began in the Northern states, yet you continue to bash the South as an evil people. Your historical accuracy is shamelessly incorrect. I must strongly object, and intend to answer your accusations and your historically wrong thinking publicly. God bless, my brother.

My address of these issues is in the works, but, I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire, so to speak. Hopefully, I’ll be able to wrap this up by end of week.