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February 22

Reformation Heritage Books, New Calvinists and the Roman Catholic Connection

Here is a vital question: Will the steward be found faithful? (I Corinthians 4:2) Can a gospel minister be considered faithful to Christ and His Word who promotes the sale of books by those who proclaim error and associate with the enemies of Christ? That is the question which must be asked about Dr Joel […]

Top 10 Posts of 2013 On 5ptsalt

1. How Much Do You Really Know About C.S. Lewis? 2. 5 Reasons Why You Should Spank Your Children 3. Incredible Video of Oklahoma Tornado, May 31, 2013 4. John MacArthur: Take the Mark of the Beast, Still Be Saved 5. Mark Driscoll Nailed for Plagiarism 6.  Brothers in Arms: Al Mohler and Rick Warren […]

John Piper in Dubai: “That tower is comin’ down!”

While filming a promo in Dubai (UAE) for the new student missions conference, CROSS, John Piper (standing in front of the Burj Khalifa tower) makes this statement: “And that tower and this city are coming down!” Was that a wise thing to say while standing on United Arab Emirates soil? I wonder how the Arab […]

John Piper Responds to Strangefire Conference

Yes, John Piper pretty much advocates……everything. Sad. Listen here. Related articles John Piper 2.0 (5ptsalt.com) Steve Camp and Adrian Warnock on the StrangeFire Conference (5ptsalt.com) John MacArthur: An Informed Response to StrangeFire (5ptsalt.com) Those Who Live By the Gun (lawfully) Are Obedient to God (5ptsalt.com)

The Foreign Spirit of Contemporary Worship Music (video)

Wow. If you have the time, this is a message, and an education, much needed in the Church today.

The Relationship Between New Evangelicalism and New Calvinism

“New Calvinism is a broad tent that encourages doctrinal freedom, and discourages doctrinal disagreements. Both charismatic practices and some emerging church ideas have found an eager welcome in the New Calvinist tent. Despite lip service to the doctrines of Calvin, few in the New Calvinist movement adhere to the Westminster Confession of Faith, or the […]

John Piper 2.0

This, from Bethlehem Baptist Church…… Jason Meyer: Bake brownies, it can change the world. Joel Taylor: Please stop. Has anyone noticed how Jason Meyer has the same mannerisms as John Piper? Coincidental? Related articles Work and Pray (5ptsalt.com) Social Justice Activism for First-Graders (5ptsalt.com) Those Who Live By the Gun (lawfully) Are Obedient to God […]

Those Who Live By the Gun (lawfully) Are Obedient to God

Not too long ago, I posted a video of John Piper in which he answered the question, “Should Christians Own Guns?” It sparked some good conversations, and brought an important issue much attention. That issue, of course, is the biblical doctrine of self-defense. In that video, which I repost here, Dr. Piper makes it very […]

Exchanging Biblical Doctrine for Religious Careers

Recently, Doug Wilson wrote a post entitled Rooted in the Heavens, regarding the DG conference, The Romantic Rationalist: God, Life, and Imagination in the Work of C.S. Lewis. He says: The blogging has been light because I have been in Minneapolis for the Desiring God conference, which has been wonderful. The other speakers were John […]

Joel Beeke Goes Ecumenical, Joins the New Calvinist March Back to Rome

The post below was originally written July of 2012 by Ralph Ovadal and Ivan Foster. It contains much information (and links) revealing how Dr. Joel Beeke has left the solid foundations of Biblical theology and compromised himself in the New Calvinist march back to Rome – a road on which all new calvinists are walking, […]

July 08

The Compromised John Piper

‘Desiring God is not really a book about having joy in God, it is a call for all Christians to become hedonists. In so much as the book has only secular philosophy, edited creeds, and misinterpreted scripture supporting it, the philosophy of “Christian Hedonism” is truly unworthy of further attention by the church and is […]

Agreeing With John Piper

On the night of the tornados striking Oklahoma recently, John Piper tweeted two passages from the book of Job. @JohnPiper: “Your sons and daughters were eating and a great wind struck the house, and it fell upon them, and they are dead.” Job 1:19 @JohnPiper: “Then Job arose and tore his robe and shaved his […]

Why You’ll Never See Me at A Passion Conference

The Passion 2013 conference had a long line-up of celebrity performers. Speakers included Louie Giglio, Francis Chan, Beth Moore, Judah Smith and John Piper. Worship was led by Chris Tomlin, Lecrae, Christy Nockels, Kristian Stanfill, David Crowder, Jesus Culture, and more. Some 60,000 young people from all over the world gathered together on New Year’s […]

May 14

John Piper Avoids Political Realm

“Two key conservative evangelical leaders in Minnesota are not endorsing the marriage amendment or directing followers to vote for it, marking the first time during debate over the measure that major faith leaders have not encouraged members to take a stand on the issue. Influential preacher and theologian the Rev. John Piper came out against […]

The Compromise of Lecrae and Those Who Promote Him

‘Holy’ hip-hop artist Lecrae has won a Grammy award. But he wouldn’t want to be called a holy hip-hop artist, or even a Gospel artist. Tell that to those who promote him, like the Gospel Coalition, John MacArthur and Grace-to-You, or John Piper and his Desiring God ministries. Why wouldn’t he want to identify with […]

Q&A: Did Jesus Christ Commit Suicide?

This question comes in response to a post which was in itself a response to John Piper and his teaching on Christians and guns in their home, which he opposes. Q: Was Christ committing suicide when He did not resist his murderers? A: Absolutely not, and for at least two reasons. 

John Piper: Christians Don’t Need Guns in Their Homes

Apart from written Scripture, Christians are never to arrive at final conclusions regarding instruction on life and godliness by the examples of men, ever, not even from missionaries or popular preachers. The written Word of God, alone, is God’s revelation to His people regarding such things. This counsel from Dr. John Piper, is most absurd. […]

Top 10 Posts of 2012

As the year draws to a close and with 2013 just a few days ahead, here’s a quick look back at some of 5ptsalt’s most viewed posts of 2012. A warm thanks to all who took time to visit. I am especially honored that you would do so, and I am truly humbled by the […]

Lecrae: “My Artistry Generates A Platform”

“My music, my artistry, is really generating a platform for me to be able to articulate the revealed will of God, and His manifold wisdom in that He desires to accomplish His work in and through the Church.” – Lecrae Well, Lecrae, that sounds great, except God never ordained nor instituted behaving like the world, […]

Cooperative Baptists Going the Way of Emergents

  There’s a disturbing and growing trend in Baptist camps, namely, that of the practice of contemplative worship. It’s an ancient form of worship alright, but it’s not biblical. Just more strange fire leading Protestants back to Romish popery. This article in the Associated Baptist Press (ABP) talks about this growing trend. Listen to one […]

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