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The Foreign Spirit of Contemporary Worship Music (video)

Wow. If you have the time, this is a message, and an education, much needed in the Church today.

What Is This Man Really Saying?

Emergent-cy!!! Discuss.

Rob Bell Goes Hollywood

Looks like Rob Bell left the church he founded to “share God’s love” to a broader audience by producing a TV drama based on his life. ABC has snatched up the rights to it. I heard a statement once, “No man can exalt himself and Christ at the same time.” How true. Read more here.

John Stott & The New Calvinism Hypocrisy

Many the world over are mourning and regretting the loss of John R.W. Stott, Anglican author. Obviously, many have been blessed by God’s work through him over the years, and all blessings from God should be returned with thankfulness. Yet there is perhaps no greater indication to me that I am not among the ‘new […]

Missional Church or New Monasticism?

Michael Horton has written a cogent piece on the ‘missional’ church, monasticism and the Reformation’s understanding of discipleship which I highly encourage you to read. As Horton states,  “Renewing our response to the Great Commission begins with the right understanding of discipleship.” A few of his critically important observations: The New Monasticism 1. Today we […]

5 Reasons To Be Cautious with Tim Keller’s Theology

[Here you can find more on Doctrine, and Tim Keller ] Last night a ‘new calvinist’ young buck let me know in no uncertain terms that my concern for Tim Keller’s theology was ‘silly’. Fair enough. I disagree with that of course. The sounding alarm of error is never silly. Now, I have received many questions by […]

Rob Bell: Video & Transcript of Intentional Deceit

Here is the video and transcript of Rob Bell’s latest promo for his heretical theology. I am somewhat hesitant to post this for two reasons. 1) Anyone who is truly regenerate and familiar with Bell already knows this man is a heretic. 2) By bringing more attention to his theological idiocy, we may actually be […]

October 19

DeYoung, Duncan, and Mohler: What’s New About the New Calvinism

Below is a very interesting video. I would not consider myself an eclecticist. I prefer the old, old story – unchanged – not combined with the best of the latest styles and ideas, especially when some of those ideas are taken from an erroneous emergent movement, which, contrary to our brother Kevin DeYoung’s remarks, was […]

Emerging Church Mirror

Emergent T.U.L.I.P

Calvinistic Cartoons & Truthinator

Book Review: Plan B by Pete Wilson

Pete Wilson’s new book Plan B poses a useful question, and it is asked as the subtitle to his book: “What do you do when God doesn’t show up the way you thought He would?” That subtitle alone should raise a few red flags about the content you will find inside the book. The question […]

I’m Not Listening

Book Review: “The Voice” New Testament

“The Voice” is a scriptural project of the Ecclesia Bible Society. Led by renowned emergent church planter Chris Seay, “Pastor/Lead Elder” at Ecclesia, a “holistic, missional, Christian, community.” The community is very artsy and creative, and so is the “The Voice,” which included the input of artists and musicians. Billed as a “scripture project to […]

SBTS Panel Discussion: A New Kind of Christianity? Brian McLaren’s Fresh Take On An Old Lie

From Towers (SBTS) “Brian McLaren, author and leading voice of the emergent church movement, has written a new book that seeks to reformulate Christianity, but it is nothing more than a wholesale rejection of historic Christianity, concluded members of a panel discussion Thursday at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Seminary President R. Albert Mohler Jr., […]

Bob DeWaay – A Biblical Critique of the Emergent Church (SO4J-TV)

SO4J-TVs Martha Mac interviews Pastor & Author Bob DeWaay about the many unbiblical beliefs of the emergent church. There is a lot of confusion about the emergent church, and their beliefs. The emergent church avoids: definitions, statements of faith, and boundaries, as they embrace postmodern thinking and mystery. SO4J-TV set out to find out: What […]

Brian McLaren – God Has Better Options For Us Than Biblical Christianity

Brian McLaren today continues his countdown and chat-up of his soon-to-be released book entitled “A New Kind of Christianity”. Now what kind of person would even suggest Christianity, found in Scripture, breathed of God, is insufficient? What kind of person would suggest that God has ‘better options for us all’ than biblical Christianity? Such a […]

The Real Story of the Birth of the Emergent Church

Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons, through the insincerity of liars whose consciences are seared…  – I Timothy 4:2 (ESV) In a recent broadcast, Chris Rosebrough, host of the Fighting for the Faith program of Pirate Christian […]

Phil Johnson On ‘Village Idiots’

In case you haven’t read it, I’m asking you to do that very thing now. Phil Johnson, of Pyromaniacs has given good reasons for not letting our guard down as regards the ’emergent church’. The post is entitled ‘Village Idiots’. For those of you who are thinking that the emergent voice is no longer a […]

Andrew Jones Says Goodbye To Emergent Village?

Andrew Jones, a respected voice of the emergent crowd apparently is saying goodbye to the Emergent Village. Jones, who blogs as Tall Skinny Kiwi has been just conservative enough to be linked with many ‘reformed’ sites. Why calvinists voices such as recording artist Steve Camp maintains a link to ‘Kiwi’ is disappointing. Apprising.org has the […]

Richard Bennett: Catholic Mysticism & The Emerging Church Revisited

Want to know more about how ancient roman catholic mysticism has now become modern practice in mainstream Protestant churches? Then you’ll appreciate this video. Richard Bennett, a former Roman Catholic priest, presents an informative and eye-opening examination of how the Roman Catholic cult and the emergent ‘church’, with their Bible-twisting, gay-affirming leaders such as Tony […]

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