Should Christians Observe Lent?


I’m not against traditions, generally speaking. On the contrary, I’m all for it. Raised in the South, I enjoy Southern traditions to the hilt, and unapologetically. Yet, when it comes to Christians observing Lent, I’m a little more than hesitant to give a green light. The practice and observance of Lent is extra-Biblical, human tradition, and, from my understanding of Scripture, wrong.

My question to those who observe Lent is this: How can one reconcile that while at the same time holding to the authority of the New Testament as the infallible guide to all things relating to godliness and practice?

When the Church gathers together, our activities are to be rooted in Scriptural teaching, not man-made traditions from a Roman Catholic history. When we are alone, again, the Scripture is our final authority.

The theological roots of practicing Lent is Roman Catholicism, not God’s Word, not Christianity. Yes, fasting is taught in Scripture. Yet where in Scripture is fasting taught as a means of penance? Nowhere!

Roman Catholics observe Lent and believe Lenten good works are performed for purification purposes. Have you ever observed Lent and thought you were doing something along those lines?

The traditional, Roman Catholic meaning of Lent is that merits earned by good works during its observation can be applied to either current believers alive on earth, or to those in purgatory. We cannot ignore this historical, completely unbiblical background and meaning of Lent.

Are you still comfortable with observing Lent my dear evangelical brethren?

There is already too much compromise to deal with in Christianity. Why add to the muck by observing Lent? After all, it is a step onto the road to Rome and a step towards Roman Catholicism!

Beware anyone encouraging you to observe such a historically, unbiblical practice.

One other note brethren. It’s perfectly biblical, and beneficial, to fast, pray and reflect. But as a Christian, you have no need for a liturgical calendar to do so. You are free at any time. Freedom and liberty in Christ, remember? Let us not unthinkingly promote Catholicism by observing its historically ungodly, heretical practice. And, for heaven’s sake, let us not promote such practice on the internet!