Festus Tells A Bible Story


Good ‘ole Festus from the television series, Gunsmoke, stretches things just a little bit, when telling his friends how he crossed the Cimarron river on a cow to escape the bad guys. In the process, he gives his best recollection of how ‘this feller named Mose crossed a big crick’ while running from ‘the fairies’ in a similar fashion…only different.

You’ll rarely hear this version of how Moses parted the sea so Israel could cross on dry land, but, it’s worth a watch. Festus also gives some insight on discernment while reading books:

Doc, I’ve told ya a hunerd dozen times, when ya start ta read readin’ how do ya know that the feller that wrote the readin’ wrote the readin’ right?

Ever wonder if Festus might have made a good preacher? Enjoy.

Now wait. Before you go away and laugh at Festus, remember, he was only a character. Ken Curtis, the actor who played the role, was actually quite the talent. Here he is singing “Tumbling Tumbleweeds.”

But wait, there’s more! Did you know that Festus (Ken Curtis) was an original member of the famous singers, Sons of the Pioneers?