The Heresy of Double Imputation



“The doctrine of double imputation limits the efficacy and sufficiency of Christ’s atoning work on the cross while Scripture clearly teaches that the single imputation of Christ’s perfect-in-every-way sacrifice is enough to make us righteous before God.

The doctrine of double imputation implies that works have merit before God. Somewhat ironically, a consistent proponent of the imputation of the Active Obedience of Christ must accept that this system is indeed works-based salvation. R.C. Sproul is certainly consistent on this point when he writes, “Man’s relationship to God was based on works… Ultimately, the only way one can be justified is by works.” (Getting the Gospel Right, Sproul, p. 160) This idea is contrary to the Scriptural teaching in several places that the law cannot justify.

The doctrine of double imputation creates an unbiblical “neutral” category, similar to the Roman Catholic Church’s position regarding man’s original, pre-fall state.

The doctrine of double imputation promotes cheap grace, easy believism.”