The Lesser of Two Evils

You shall not follow the masses in doing evil – Exodus 23:2

For my fellow Christians, it should be said that what the majority of people love, should be looked at twice, and considered carefully in the light of Scripture. Just because the majority of Christians feel one way in regard to anything, especially politics, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s biblically correct, righteous or pleasing to God.

In regard to the 2012 Presidential election, most Christians I’ve spoken to have either decided to not vote at all, or, they’ve decided to vote against Obama by casting a vote for Romney. The latter is an important point we need to grasp here, because Christians are not generally thrilled that the only other candidate for President who has a realistic shot at winning, other than Obama, is a Mormon. Most know that Mormonism is a cult and chock full of heretical beliefs. That’s nothing new.

What’s surprising to me is that Christians have taken this posture of casting their vote against Obama, rather than for Romney, all the while ignoring third-party candidates. Why? 

Look, I personally know only one person who actually wants Obama to be re-elected, and she’s a communist who happens to live in my neighborhood. For the rest of us, we need to ask ourselves some serious questions before casting that vote.

First, consider the passage above. God says don’t follow the masses in doing evil. So, naturally, the question arises, is it evil to cast a vote for Romney, which is really a cast against Obama, just because the majority of Christians don’t want Obama again?

I think it is, and here’s why. You are giving your approval of unbelief in Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

When you vote for a presidential candidate, you are saying, whether you like it or not, I prefer this guy to lead our country over the other guy. In the case of Obama vs Romney,  Romney is often described as “the lesser of two evils.” Satan has gained a lot of ground in America using that line.

What you’re doing is voting for a man who openly denies the divinity of Jesus Christ, and you prefer him. Not only that, you are giving your approval of, like it or not, his beliefs. In the case of Romney, you’re casting your approval on a man who believes, that God was once a man and became a God. Who believes that we need no more Bible. That believes Jesus is the brother of Lucifer, and an entire hosts of ridiculous, blasphemous other things.

You say, “That’s not so!?”  Yes it is. Listen, the whole attitude of ‘he’s better than the alternative’ is a sorry excuse. “But, then Obama will win!” Maybe, maybe not. There are alternatives. Have you considered third party candidates? There are some who, at least have the reputation of being God-fearing Christians, like Virgil Goode. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t, I’ve never met the guy.

Don’t follow the masses to do evil, that’s what God is saying in Exodus 23:2. In my opinion, giving one’s approval of a man who hates our Lord and God is not a vote for ‘the lesser of two evils’ but rather an invitation to God for further judgment against our country, and ourselves.

Personally, I cannot in good conscience vote for any man who denies my Lord, and that includes Romney (and certainly Obama). To do so I see as an act of compromise of the truth as it is in and before Jesus Christ. On the other hand, to not vote at all is just as wrong. We’ve gotten into this mess because of sin – and Pastor’s who failed to encourage God’s people to get out there and vote!

Listen, I’m not unaware that there are is only one of two who will likely win the election of President of the United States. But I refuse to cast my vote to an enemy of God, and you should as well.

By all means, vote your conscience – BUT – if your conscience is dictated by pragmatism rather than by God’s Word, then you need to re-examine your conscience and your loyalty to God’s written Word.

No candidate is perfect, but embracing Romney is embracing an enemy of God who needs to be saved. There are alternatives in this election, and I’m voting for one who professes Christ – Virgil Goode – even if he can’t win.

No, he’s not the best speaker, has many flaws no doubt, but, I will sleep goode at night after I vote for him.