The Gospel According to Tebow

This video of well-known Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow was brought to my attention this morning, and after watching it, there’s really only one word needed to describe it.


It’s tragic because here was an opportunity to proclaim the biblical Gospel and yet there was no message (that we know of anyway) of repentance and the command to believe the Gospel. It’s more or less the gospel of success. He led many of these prisoners in ‘the sinners prayer’ which of course, is worthless. Worse yet, he told these young men that they had nothing to worry about from this point on, that they were now welcomed into the family of God, that Tim would see them in heaven no matter what happens to them from this point on. It’s just tragic.

I don’t blame Tim Tebow directly. The ones where the blame truly lies for his biblical understanding of the the counsel of God lies with those who instructed him. Tebow is not a heretic, even though what he proclaimed was nowhere near the Gospel according to Scripture. It’s one thing to be taught wrong doctrine and then proclaim it sincerely to others while remaining ignorant of the truth. It’s quite another to proclaim error for decades, intentionally, and admit openly after much study that you intend to continue doing so.

It is tragic that, being in the spotlight the way Tebow is, with all the opportunities for witnessing at Tebows doorstep, that his pastors who taught him so wrongly apparently did not know the Gospel themselves.

This, by the way, is what happens when love-bombs are thrown instead of the reality of God’s Word, and when true biblical doctrine is devalued and replaced with love, love, love and grace, grace, grace ‘preaching’.