The Embarrassment of Joshua Shank At SBC 2010

Updated: In case you may have been wondering who hatched this idea to promote the Acts 29 network at SBC 2010, look no further. Apparently, A29 supporters Josh Shank, Charlie Mitchell and Timmy Brister came up with the idea on a 3 hour drive to Orlando. Their first idea, “punking the SBC” may have to wait until next year. According to Brister:

During the three hour drive to Orlando for the 2010 SBC Annual Meeting, Josh Shank, Charlie Mitchell, and I began to think what contribution we can make to the business meeting.  Should we try to punk the SBC?  Nah, too controversial.  How about making a motion expressing appreciation and affirmation for the investment of the Acts 29 Network for their work in planting gospel-centered churches in the SBC?  Yeah, that’ll work.

So beat-boxing phenom Josh labored to help drain the hatorade so many of our elder generation of SBCers have been drinking with this little rap.  It isn’t much, but it is history making.

Brister’s post assures us this will not be the last of the stunts. You can read the rest here.


Some things need no explanation….but a few comments might be in order for this video.

This is Joshua Shank, designer of and ‘pastor’ of Youngstown Metro Church (very hip, lots of food) presenting ‘a motion’ at the recent SBC Annual Meeting to Johnny Hunt. Shank, as you will see, is more set on promoting and exalting the Acts 29 network than presenting any serious, worthwhile motion. Not being satisfied with proper use of the English language and maintaining some degree of decorum – oh no – Joshua decided to ‘rap’ his motion to the then head of the SBC, Johnny Hunt, to the shame of everyone who has even a modicum of an education.

It was a complete embarrassment not only to Shank himself, but to the Acts 29 network and the SBC.

This young hipster may be recognized as a pastor by some, but of what? He exalts himself, Acts 29 and ends up speaking in a dumbed-down version of the English language.  I’m almost embarrassed for him.

When did speaking like an ignorant, uneducated brute become acceptable? More importantly, how does this reflect on the church at large? What kind of witness is this?

Thanks Joshua, for not only making yourself look compromisingly silly and self-absorbed, but for degrading the very existence of the SBC meeting. I pray you influence very few young people, but I’m almost certain you will.

The only thing possibly more disturbing than Shanks motion is Johnny Hunts enjoyment of it. What a shame.

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