HeartCry Missionary Society’s Bad Apple

I was sent this comment by HeartCry Missionary Society’s (HCMissions) Marc Glass, who is not only Coordinator for Africa and the Middle East  for HCMissions but is also a co-elder at Christ Church Radford, formerly Radford Fellowship in Radford Virginia. Yes, my family attended for awhile, but left due to doctrinal differences. We also witnessed Marc being ‘ordained’ and set apart for the ministry – not by the church (there was no notice and no discussion) – but by members of the HeartCry organization. But, that’s beside the point. Here’s the important issue: Brethren, are the words below those of a Christian? Or, perhaps, the words of a young man greatly concerned for reputation? Pray for Marc, and, keep in mind these are his words:

Here it is:


First, a few clarifications regarding the accusations from Marc Glass:

We have offered multiple times to meet with Joel to discuss issues, but he has never accepted such an offer. What else can be done?

Here are the facts. I have never, ever, received an offer from Marc Glass, of any kind, for any reason. This kid is fearful for his reputation, and understandably so, because he is a liar and he fears what I know. Marc Glass lied about this, and he knows it. Ergun Caner, part 2.

And here’s a real daisy:

I will say this: based on the number of lies that he has told and the degree to which he’s stooped in slander, I am convinced that he does not belong to the Lord and that he is an enemy of Christ’s bride.

An ad hominem attack, no facts. How sad. Really, I don’t want to sound like James White, as if, you know, “they hate yours truly” but really? What slander? Where is the proof in the pudding? What lies?

And, by all means, please explain to my readers  Marc why I do not belong to the the Lord and am an enemy to the Bride of Christ?

Marc is playing God. Boldly stupid, all the while representing a well-known, highly admired organization led by Paul Washer.

Paul Washer needs to pull the reigns in on his employee.

And finally, this wild, drunken statement:

We are dealing with a wolf here who is seeking to damage Christ’s bride.

Wow. I’m a wolf? Seriously? Really? And where in all of this blog called 5ptsalt, have I attempted to damage the bride of Christ? Granted, it’s not a perfect blog, mistakes have been made, some of which I wish I could do over, but damage to the Bride of Christ, or opposing Jesus Himself were never my mistakes.

Brethren, the bottom line is that this young man is so concerned about his reputation that he is willing to slander and discredit another to make himself look better than he is. It’s sad, it really is. He’ll learn, Lord willing.

Tell you what. Point out where I have clearly become an enemy of the bride of Christ. Can you? If you can, you will vindicate HeartCry.

If not, continue on with your day, and glorify God with your life.

Oh, and take note of those who would cause trouble unrelated to doctrinal truth.