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5PtSalt Lives

Ok, so most of you have realized I’ve been “offline” for awhile. Good. At least you’re paying attention. After much contemplation, we’re back online. It was close people. I almost didn’t renew it. I won’t go into all the details of the why’s and whatnots and bottom lines. Fact is, it’s been a lot of […]

HeartCry Missionary Society’s Bad Apple

I was sent this comment by HeartCry Missionary Society’s (HCMissions) Marc Glass, who is not only Coordinator for Africa and the Middle East  for HCMissions but is also a co-elder at Christ Church Radford, formerly Radford Fellowship in Radford Virginia. Yes, my family attended for awhile, but left due to doctrinal differences. We also witnessed […]

Obsession of a HeartCry Missionary Continues

Update, Tuesday, 8-13-2013: I have decided that to spend any further time on this matter would neither be profitable nor edifying, to myself or anyone else. Have an outstanding day Church. Go forth, and be awesome, in and by Him. Well, as of this evening, we are still being harassed by a [Paul Washer] HeartCry […]

July 18

Stalkers by HeartCry Missionary Society

These two men are messing with my family. This is going to stop. Click the photo for what these boys have done.

July 15

Missionaries Gone Wild

They made a serious mistake in coming with their intended purpose. The hubris and their unChristian intentions were quickly seen. They lasted less than ten minutes before being asked to leave, and went away with their tails between their legs. I have been contacted by not a few who, out of concern, desire to know […]

Missionaries Gone Wild

Very recently, while my family was out of state on vacation in South Carolina, two members of the Paul Washer church plant (which we once attended and from which I withdrew my family from over doctrinal and behavioral issues) drove approximately 35 miles, one way, to my church family for a Sunday evening service. They […]

The Radford Experience

I have struggled long and hard about whether I should write anything about my family’s experience with the church plant in Radford, VA by Paul Washer and the HeartCry Missionary Society, now known as Christ Church Radford. But the fact is, there are many of you who have high regards concerning Paul Washer, and so […]

June 06

HeartCry Missionary Accusation

Updated June 8, 2013. Marc refuses to name one slander or lie in the combox as requested (please see comment policy for further info – blog rules exist for good reasons commonly understood). Just baiting and stirring up strife using social media. Avoid such men. I see no benefit in it and consider the matter […]

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