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HeartCry Missionary Society’s Bad Apple

I was sent this comment by HeartCry Missionary Society’s (HCMissions) Marc Glass, who is not only Coordinator for Africa and the Middle East  for HCMissions but is also a co-elder at Christ Church Radford, formerly Radford Fellowship in Radford Virginia. Yes, my family attended for awhile, but left due to doctrinal differences. We also witnessed […]

July 18

Stalkers by HeartCry Missionary Society

These two men are messing with my family. This is going to stop. Click the photo for what these boys have done.

June 06

HeartCry Missionary Accusation

Updated June 8, 2013. Marc refuses to name one slander or lie in the combox as requested (please see comment policy for further info – blog rules exist for good reasons commonly understood). Just baiting and stirring up strife using social media. Avoid such men. I see no benefit in it and consider the matter […]

Contemplate Only the Gospel, Remain Immature in the Faith

There is a movement afoot for sometime now that would keep the Church in milk and wallow in immaturity. Don’t get me wrong, the milk of God is pure, wonderful and much needed. However, to remain on the milk of God’s Word is the goal neither of God for His redeemed ones according to His […]

God’s Extraordinary Provisions–HeartCry Missionary Society

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