Believing the Bible is God’s Word Is Not Enough

Today I asked Jerry Johnson, known for his informative Christian YouTube video series about standing against the world a serious question:

Q: Why do you think there is not a greater outcry against dispensationalism, and it’s most well-known spokesman, John MacArthur?

His answer was this:

Ans: Because as popular teachers go he at least stands for the Bible as the Word of God.

Brethren, Christianity is more than a life, it is Biblical doctrine. The Devil himself believes the Bible is true; the Devil himself believes the Bible is the Word of God.

These two beliefs alone are not enough to make a popular preacher “sound” and worthy of a pastor-teacher. On the contrary, they open a door for teaching where Christians should be as alert as ever, and be warned to test all things which they hear, and are taught, by God’s written Word, to see if these things be true.

God commands change towards holiness in the Church. Biblical Christianity has no place for impure doctrine, complacency, compromise or worldliness. The Kingship of Jesus Christ is not a secondary issue. Speak out against dispensationalism. Your silence is a damning testimony.

God bless, Joel.