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Believing the Bible is God’s Word Is Not Enough

Today I asked Jerry Johnson, known for his informative Christian YouTube video series about standing against the world a serious question: Q: Why do you think there is not a greater outcry against dispensationalism, and it’s most well-known spokesman, John MacArthur? His answer was this: Ans: Because as popular teachers go he at least stands […]

Circumstantial Epistemology: Denying Sola Scriptura

Jerry Johnson of “Against the World”, discusses how many Christians – most by their actions – deny the doctrine of Sola Scriptura especially when it comes to issues we are confronted with every day.

Against the World – The World Is Trespassing

Join host Jerry Johnson for this week’s edition of Against the World, as Jerry discusses tolerance and intolerance.

The Death of Love

from Timothy Hammons: Jerry Johnson of The Nicene Council, does an excellent job of showing that true-biblical love has slowly died since the beginning of the Romantic age in literature. What has replaced biblical love is romantic love, based upon our base emotions toward a person instead of our covenantal commitment spoken of in Scripture. […]

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