John Piper Avoids Political Realm


“Two key conservative evangelical leaders in Minnesota are not endorsing the marriage amendment or directing followers to vote for it, marking the first time during debate over the measure that major faith leaders have not encouraged members to take a stand on the issue.

Influential preacher and theologian the Rev. John Piper came out against gay marriage during a sermon Sunday but did not explicitly urge members of his Minneapolis church to vote for the amendment.”

According to the article, “He [Piper] wants to avoid the political realm as much as possible. The Christian Gospel is not left, it’s not right. It is what it is.”

The post goes on to declare that “When churches start getting really politically engaged, they often lose focus over what is their primary mission”

Really? Has the Church forgotten that the mission of the Church is to preach the whole Word of God? And folks, the whole counsel of God includes politics.

Staying out of politics is not bold Christianity, brethren. It is politically correct, ecumenical compromise.

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