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Russell Moore Summoned to Vatican, Happily Wags Tail

Later this month, Russell Moore – President of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethic and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) – will be attending a conference at the Vatican meant to bolster a defense of “traditional marriage.” As wonderful as it is that most Southern Baptists and the Bishop of Rome (and self-pronounced “Vicar of Christ on […]

Mixed Marriages: The First Step Toward Degeneracy

Now it came about, when men began to multiply on the face of the land, and daughters were born to them, that the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves, whomever they chose. Then the Lord said, “My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, […]

August 26

“Oh, Sweet Lorraine”

A few months ago, a small Illinois community took part in a song writing contest. They were invited to write a song, sing it and upload it to YouTube.  Green Shoe Studios, who sponsored the contest, never expected to receive a song from a 96 year old gentleman whose wife had recently passed away. Fred […]

It’s Not About the Nail

Husbands, take note.

May 14

John Piper Avoids Political Realm

“Two key conservative evangelical leaders in Minnesota are not endorsing the marriage amendment or directing followers to vote for it, marking the first time during debate over the measure that major faith leaders have not encouraged members to take a stand on the issue. Influential preacher and theologian the Rev. John Piper came out against […]

Polyamory: The Next Frontier of Civil Rights

Same-sex marriage is so 2013. DC’s permanent revolution isn’t about to stop now that the courts are about to make homosexuality the new normal. What’s next? Polyamory, or multiple-partner marriage, that’s what. And how interesting that Unitarians, who were central to the civil rights revolution of the 60s, and its continuation into the same-sex marriage […]

11 Year-old Gets Silent Treatment from Politicians on Same-Sex Marriage Question

Transcript: My name is Grace Evans and I want to thank you for letting me speak today. Even though I am only 11-years-old, I know that everyone deserves to have a mom and dad. If you change the law that says two moms or two dads to get married it would take away something very […]

How God Views Homosexuals

Way too often, Christians view homosexuality far, far differently than God does. In Scripture, the male prostitute, sodomite, and homosexual is described vividly and it tells us unequivocally how God views homosexuality and homosexuals themselves. First, Deuteronomy 23:18 – You shall not bring the hire of a harlot or the wages of a dog into […]

A Woman’s Great Mistake

You shall not commit adultery. – Exodus 20:14 Updated: It may be helpful in understanding the quote below knowing a few things in context. The seventh commandment is concerned with protecting marriage. Next to the covenant with Christ to be your Savior, there is no covenant more sacred. The importance of marriage transcends the family […]

Chick-fil-A Day

Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day is our way of showing our support for a company whose leaders believe in marriage as that of one man, one woman. Of course, you don’t have to wait until August 1 to show support for Chick-fil-A! Besides, you should be eating there anyway. – JT

Worldly Evangelism–It Stinketh to High Heaven

I am very disappointed. James White has coupled himself with hip-hop artists and new calvinist methods in order to proclaim a biblical message in a popular way. In other words, using what the world loves in order to reach the world. It is both shameful and inexcusable. For the record, if the genre of music […]

The Death of Love

from Timothy Hammons: Jerry Johnson of The Nicene Council, does an excellent job of showing that true-biblical love has slowly died since the beginning of the Romantic age in literature. What has replaced biblical love is romantic love, based upon our base emotions toward a person instead of our covenantal commitment spoken of in Scripture. […]

The Gordian Knot of ‘Gay Christianity’

It has been told in Greek history that Gordius, legendary peasant whose son, Midas rose to be King of Phrygia, dedicated his ox-cart to Zeus with the yoke tied to a pole in a very special knot. There were no ends to be seen. This pole was no less than in the very center of […]

5 Reasons Not to Obtain A State Marriage License

by Matt Trewhella Every year thousands of Christians amble down to their local county courthouse and obtain a marriage license from the State in order to marry their future spouse. They do this unquestioningly. They do it because their pastor has told them to go get one, and besides, “everybody else gets one.” This article […]

Homosexuality: For Christians, There Is No Debate

Obama’s recent announcement in favor of same-sex marriage caused a flurry of articles and blog posts on the subject across the reformed blogosphere. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why. It’s almost as if the verdict among Christians on homosexuality is still out and we’re all in the courtroom hallway waiting to […]

The Destruction of American Institutions

I am currently reading The War Between the States by Alexander H. Stevens – A Constitutional View. It is a wonderful, and I deem a necessary read to anyone who has the desire to be truly educated on the history of America. In 1787, at the close of the secret meetings of the Constitutional Convention, […]

Michael Horton: The Importance of Studying Theology

Christianity.com asked Mike about the importance of studying theology for Christians. Mike discusses this by comparing our desire to gain knowledge in our other relationships… or even our iPhones. Horton on Theology, posted with vodpod HT

Same-Sex Marriage: How It Affects Your Family

No, marriage is not a private matter, because it affects every aspect of culture, our national society, our local communities, our neighborhoods. It affects you and your family and your children in ways you may not have imagined…yet. There is a documentary out entitled The Problem with Same-Sex Marriage, a must-see film put out by […]

Forget You

Husbands, God commanded you to love your wife as Christ loved the Church. Jesus loved the Church so much, he set aside everything that is His, for you. To redeem you. As long as you put yourself first in your marriage, you are not loving your wife as Christ loved the Church. Forget you. You […]

Husbands, Save Your Wives

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