Missionaries Gone Wild

They made a serious mistake in coming with their intended purpose.

The hubris and their unChristian intentions were quickly seen. They lasted less than ten minutes before being asked to leave, and went away with their tails between their legs.

I have been contacted by not a few who, out of concern, desire to know what has happened. While I’m still working on the post previously mentioned, an addendum, of sorts, seems appropriate.

Anthony-and-EllieAnthony Mathenia and Marc Glass are currently the “chosen elders” (more on that later) of Christ Church Radford (formerly Radford Fellowship).

On their site, the leadership is described thusly:


Marc Glass grew up and lived in Metropolis, IL until he left to go to college at Union University in Jackson, TN. After studying Theology at Union, he moved back to Illinois where he subsequently married his wife Leslie. Two years later Marc began working with HeartCry Missionary Society, where he has been coordinating its work in the Middle East and Africa since 2007. Marc and Leslie have 3 daughters, Halle, Maddie, and Emma.

Anthony Mathenia attended seminary in Memphis, Tennessee before serving as a full-time missionary in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He currently lives in Christiansburg, Virginia with his wife, Hannah, and their three young children.


Holden Barry
Kevin Hite

Marc Glass2Of the four leaders of this fellowship, three are members of HeartCry Missionary Society led by Paul Washer.

Last night after our evening service, I was informed that Anthony and his co-leader deliberately came to our church meeting place on a Sunday night while my family was out of the state. Not surprising, given this digital age of social media and when their intent is taken into consideration.

It is unusual that we have visitors on a Sunday night. Of course, visitors are always welcomed!

As reported, the two sat in the back and throughout the service, they leaned over and whispered to one another, smiling. In fact, by reports to me, they seemed so close, that the thoughts of many were that they were a gay couple who perhaps were there to make a marriage request (which would have been rejected) and made some uncomfortable.

After the service, things became much clearer.

Immediately following the study, the two approached and requested time with Greg Mills. They wanted to ask some questions.

But the questions were not about the book of Ephesians (I doubt they even paid attention). What they wanted to discuss was me. I’m not surprised, but it is disappointing, and disturbing.

These two young men were described to me as “boys” who “behaved arrogant and condescending,” even feminine.

They made a serious mistake in coming with their intended purpose.

Their hubris and unChristian intentions were quickly seen.

They lasted less than ten minutes before being asked to leave, and went away with their tails between their legs.

Now brethren, I ask you:

Why, after my family left their fellowship, and after well over a year has passed, mind you, would two ‘leaders’ of a local group want to travel roughly 30 miles – one way, 60+ miles total – to attempt to gather intel and gossip about someone who they no longer have relations with? Marc Glass, of Heartcry, has made accusations, and was shown to be wrong, but still makes the effort to travel to my family’s church to harass. Why? – especially after having been challenged to prove his accusation and failed!!! What are they afraid of? Why the obsession?

Image, that’s what. They are so obsessed with image control they have forgotten God is watching their behavior and have acted as if their actions could be hidden. They should be ashamed.

And all the while, Paul Washer, who began it all (the church plant they lead), remains silent, spotless and refuses to rein in these two and correct their behavior. It is both sad and despicable behavior.

Isn’t that disturbing to you? Two missionaries have nothing better to do than cause trouble and practically stalk someone on the Lord’s Day? Creepy! Wicked!

The obsession of these young new Calvinist is disturbing to say the least, and a cause for concern for my family. Exactly how far will these kids go to harass or harm us? Mind you, it’s been well over a year since we left their presence, voluntarily and eagerly! More to say on that later. I hesitate to publish the correspondence of these two young men. It is not my desire to embarrass anyone. However, when you stalk a brother in Christ, and that is exactly what they are doing, with evil intentions, no good can come of it in the end.

Yes, it is sad brethren what these boys have done; yes, they are acting like the children that they are, and yet I encourage you to pray for these young men. Our God is great, He is good, and there is no one who is beyond His grace and mercy.

In the meantime, I’d like to pose a question to you all: Why has Paul Washer not stopped these kids from making fools of themselves when it would be so easy, and save the embarrassment of their actions upon HeartCry and the church?

To be continued…..