Call the Orlando Shooter What He Was: Wicked.


When we look at the lives of others, the last thing we think of is the responsibility attached to the person for being what he or she is. It is also likely to be the last thing we think of when examining ourselves. Heredity and environment, we are told by the world and its media, are the dominant reality and causes in our lives. The race of man is the thing, not individuals and individual responsibility. The world, of course, is ignorant of God’s truth found in His written Word to mankind.

We have become afraid to speak about personal responsibility. We are afraid to say the tremendous things God says about sinful men and their sin against Him in Adam – simply by being born with him as our federal head. The world, it’s media, and far too often, Christians themselves are hesitant, if not afraid to speak thusly, simply because we do not desire to be unjust or offensive to others, and because we have the inherent desire to be considerate and forgiving to ourselves.

The shooter of the mass murders recently in Orlando, Florida was not, as the friends, family, the media — and far too many professing Christians — reports, “mentally unstable” or “mentally ill.”

No, my friends. Omar Mateen was of the world, unregenerated by the Holy Spirit, apart from Christ, a hater of God and openly rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Like all others in his condition, he was nothing but wicked.

May we as the Church learn to call a spade a spade, and stop treating sin and sinful acts as yet another ‘disease’ resulting from heredity, environment and man-made religions. There is only one true religion and that is Christianity. All other religious groups are false — and wicked.