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June 13

Call the Orlando Shooter What He Was: Wicked.

When we look at the lives of others, the last thing we think of is the responsibility attached to the person for being what he or she is. It is also likely to be the last thing we think of when examining ourselves. Heredity and environment, we are told by the world and its media, […]

The Great Republic of Texas (and what’s wrong with California)

It’s a free country, but not so much in California, where there’s: “No fires, no parking, all animals must be on a leash, no photography, camping not permitted, no lifeguard on duty, penalties will apply, permit required. Gun free zone, noise ordinance enforced. Fly quietly, minimum altitude 1000 feet. No ATV’s, personal watercraft prohibited, wake […]

Why You Should Carry A Gun

American citizens need to buy more guns, get CCW permits, and carry them at all times, every day, to the grocery store, for short errands, and yes, even to church. Concealed, open, it doesn’t matter. Bearing arms is not just your right as an American citizen, it is your duty and responsibility to yourself, your […]

“The Best 7 Minutes Against Gun Control”

In this segment of his Virtual State of the Union, the Virtual President [Bill Whittle] talks about why politicians want to talk about gun control rather than crime control, and delivers the factual evidence and historical truths that make the case for the Second Amendment self-evident. For the latest from The Virtual President click here.

Those Who Live By the Gun (lawfully) Are Obedient to God

Not too long ago, I posted a video of John Piper in which he answered the question, “Should Christians Own Guns?” It sparked some good conversations, and brought an important issue much attention. That issue, of course, is the biblical doctrine of self-defense. In that video, which I repost here, Dr. Piper makes it very […]

May 01

The 2nd Amendment: A Knife in A Gunfight

The knife nearly everyone is wielding at today’s O.K. Corral is the Second Amendment right to bear arms. As with all rights, this knife is easily licensed and limited. Ted R. Weiland pastors Christian Covenant Fellowship in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, and is the evangelistic head of Bible Law vs. The United States Constitution. In addition to […]

Repealing the 2nd Amendment: Blinded by Spiritual Darkness

This video is not evidence of a special kind of stupidity. It is evidence of how the darkness of being spiritually dead not only ignores the biblical teaching of the laws of God, specifically, the sixth commandment, but also demonstrates the apathy and lethargy that is prominent in Americans who have grown far too comfortable […]

Some Will Never Be Allowed on American Idol

Lyrics: Simple man, simple ways, blue collar, American made Fear the Lord and love my family You better not tread on me cause in the name of Liberty You know I’m gonna fight til the bitter end Like a mighty oak I’m gonna stand my ground You can bet your butt I’ll never lay these […]

‘They Don’t Rule Us…They Don’t Give Us Rights’

(The Blaze) The National Rifle Association (NRA) is continuing its push-back against recent gun control proposals. In a new ad called “We are America,” the organization takes aim at controversial comments made by President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton. Using quotes from both politicians, the organization’s new video lambastes perceived assaults on the […]

Guns and Crime

More guns equal less crime. Maps made by the U.N. office on Drugs and Crime (circa 2007) clearly show that where gun ownership is highest in the world, crime is lowest on a per capita basis. And….. Any questions?

Sandy Hook Dad: “Take My Guns From My Cold Dead Hands”

Amen brother.

Texas Straight Talk: A New Years Message to Congress

Congressman Ron Paul, like him or not, hits his target on the bull’s-eye on two issues in a New Years message to Congress. I only wish they would heed the message and act accordingly. Personally, I won’t hold my breath. First, to the Congress, “follow the Constitution in 2013!” Secondly, “Seeking total security leads to […]

Chuck Woolery on Assault Weapons

Game show legend Chuck Woolery discusses the need for Americans to have the right to carry assault weapons. “A gun behind every American blade of grass…..” I’m all for it.

Pastor, Get A Gun

When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own house, his possessions are undisturbed. – Luke 11:21 Pastor, do you love your family? Of course you do. In the passage above, Jesus compares Satan to a man ‘armed to the teeth’, a strong man. As long as no one attacks him, he’s secure in his […]

The American Way to Shop

America–Where Almost Everything is Illegal

Do you have any idea how much is illegal in America these days? It seems like almost everything is! Below is a 40 minute special report by John Stossel called “Illegal Everything”. From kid’s lemonade stands to raising your own chickens and hogs, “Big Brother” has nearly destroyed (if they haven’t already), the pioneering spirit […]

TNT: Ted Nugent Theology

Warning: Graphic language: The following contains strong, honest language, so, if you tend to be a pansy and hate guns, please, for your sake, do not watch this video. By the way, I’m just thinking….wouldn’t it be great if we could sentence every criminal to hearing the true Gospel before serving the rest of their […]

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