PyroManiacs: You Too Can Think Like God–But Wait! There’s More!


But turning around and seeing His disciples, He rebuked Peter and *said, “Get behind Me, Satan; for you are not setting your mind on God’s interests, but man’s.” – Mark 8:33 (NASB)

In the above passage, the phrase translated setting your mind on [God’s interests] is based on the Greek word φρονέω [ phroneō ] and what it means is to be mentally disposed to, or have an intensive interest in something, by way of concern and/or obedience.

Interestingly, the Contemporary English Version of the Bible renders the understanding of the passage like this: You are thinking like everyone else and not like God.

Of course, no man can ‘think like God’. Such a rendering of the verse, in light of the clear meaning of the original language, is absurd. Of course, that does not mean that ambitious men determined to make a point they adhere to would not use such a loose and dangerously erroneous translation if it suited their purposes. One might, however, rightly question the intent of using such. It is misleading, to say the least, or even imply, that men may think like God. It reflects in a most serious manner the lack of helpful knowledge of one who would even use such a translation.

Well, alas, it has been done.

Not only are the ways of God not our ways (Isaiah 55:8), but God Himself has assured us in His written Word that even if we think we are just like Him, we are most assuredly not, much less can we think like He does. (Psalm 50:21)

Of course, the shrinking gang of team pyromaniacs might want you to swallow something differently.

Frank Turk, for example, would give more than an impression that you too can ‘think like God’ – and uses the more-than-loosely-translated version of the Bible to do so. In his most recent post, Frank begins – and yet, there is more to come, apparently, for part 2 of Thinking Like God is yet to be written.

Beware brethren, those who use something other than an accurate translation of the Bible to further their own ambition – especially when it contradicts the clear testimony of Scripture.

There is a far, far, dark chasm of a difference between having the mind of Christ which is knowing Christ through the workings of the Spirit in our lives and the renewing of our minds via the written Word of God and the appropriation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ versus our “thinking like God”.