More Harassment from HeartCry and Christ Church Radford


Just when you thought these guys may have grown up and gotten a life, I get news of this:

Anthony Mathenia, above, the poster boy pastor at Christ Church Radford (formerly Radford Fellowship, the Paul Washer church plant) recently called our church and wants some answers about me.

Who are you Anthony? Better, who are you an elder to? I would ask the same of Marc Glass, the other ‘pastor’ who thinks he’s God.

Not me, son. Do I answer to you young man? I don’t think so.

Anthony, what, in your new calvinist mind ever made you think that you would get away with your covert operations to slander a preacher of God’s Word?

Anthony, of course, is the young man who demanded that I repent and be restored to the fellowship after I took my family away from this dangerous, cultish bunch. I haven’t posted his demand, but at this point, I am certainly tempted.

That was almost two years ago. And yet, they, Anthony and Marc, are still coming after us. Ever wonder why? Freaky.

I have intelligent readers, I know that. Surely, you can see something is wrong with these people.

Anthony called our church recently. Here’s a young man who has been repeatedly rebuked, and yet he insisted on demanding answers regarding people he has no authority over whatsoever.

He was rejected. Bigtime. The details are both sad, and funny.

It’s one of those things that make you go “Hmmm.” These two young men, both Anthony and Marc, have absolutely no desire for reconciliation in any sense of the term. They have no desire to love my family. They are all about wielding imaginary power they do not possess over those not under their HeartCry-given authority – which is none at all. Good luck kids.

By the way, have you checked how many former HeartCry members are no longer listed as staff?