Before Don Rickles, There Was Martin Luther

It’s been said that if you’re in the ministry, you need to have a soft heart and the skin of a Rhino.

Young pastor’s will find out very soon in their ministry how monstrous church members can be at times. They will find themselves insulted, lambasted, criticized up one side and down another and maybe even threatened.

Truth is, folks can be downright harsh at times, so get used to it my ministry peeps.

To that end, and to make you smile while getting a smidge tougher, here’s a website that will serve up a memorable insult from none other than Martin Luther, taken from one of his many writings.

Hit yourselves with a few of these each day and you’ll be handling those uncalled-for insults like water off a duck’s back.

Here’s a sample (and you thought I was harsh at times?)

People of your sort are hirelings, dumb dogs unable to bark, who see the wolf coming and flee or, rather, join up with the wolf.

From Against Latomus, pg. 146 of Luther’s Works, Vol. 32

Enjoy. Oh, for the record, I do not suggest that you take on Luther’s characteristic use of the tongue.