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February 22

Reformation Heritage Books, New Calvinists and the Roman Catholic Connection

Here is a vital question: Will the steward be found faithful? (I Corinthians 4:2) Can a gospel minister be considered faithful to Christ and His Word who promotes the sale of books by those who proclaim error and associate with the enemies of Christ? That is the question which must be asked about Dr Joel […]

January 16

Tim Keller, The Gospel Coalition and the Promotion of Roman Catholic Mysticism

Take pride in being “reformed”? Be careful my friends. New Calvinism is not Calvinism. It may usurp the terms and lingo, but it is not the same thing. New Calvinism is nothing less than a Roman Catholic theological carjacking by the Devil. Tim Keller, and many other new Calvinists, are not truly reformed, Calvinistic theologians […]

Strange Fire Confiscates Mark Driscoll’s Books

Really? Phht.

Recommended Reading

Dr. Robert L. Dabney, A Defense of Virginia and the South History revisionists have long insisted that the true cause of the War Between the States was the allegedly immoral system of Southern slavery. To the contrary, Dr. Dabney shows from Scripture that slavery, as practiced in the South, was not inherently wicked, as claimed […]

Recommended Reading

Al Benson, Jr., and Walter Donald Kennedy, Lincoln’s Marxists (Pelican) “In 1865, Karl Marx, author of the Communist Manifesto, praised Lincoln as a “single-minded son of the working class.” This book examines why Marx—and other socialists—supported Mr. Lincoln’s War and notes his negative influence on modern society. Firsthand accounts and insight from notable historians shatter […]

Tim Keller’s Heterodox Views of God & Christianity

In his book, The Reason for God (quite a title!) Tim Keller espouses some, shall we say, heterodox thinking in regards to the nature and character of God as well as some pretty strange thinking of Christianity. I won’t cite everything that gave me the heebies, but here are a few. For example, Keller claims: […]

Recommended Reading: The Real Lincoln

There are not one, but two books with the same title, I would highly recommend you to not only read, but read slowly, chewing and ingesting each chapter, cover to cover. These two books on Lincoln forever changed the way I viewed academia and it’s version of history, not to mention how I viewed one […]

Evangelical and Reformed Book Resource

Here is a great resource if you are looking for evangelical, reformed and hard-to-find theological and scholarly books. Check out the Evangelical and Reformed Books blog. The books for sale are from a private library and contain listings of collectible theological works in the following categories:  puritan, reformed, eschatology, theology, biography and history, and many […]

Napolitano: How Teddy Roosevelt & Woodrow Wilson Destroyed Constitutional Freedom

"The radical change in the relationship of the federal government to individual Americans was ratcheted up greatly in the Progressive Era," argues Judge Andrew Napolitano in his new book, Theodore and Woodrow: How Two American Presidents Destroyed Constitutional Freedom. The first decades of the 20th century saw an assault on individual liberties that was both […]

A Highly Recommended Book

The Hymn has been of great importance to the people in the South throughout their history. In life and in death the ministry of the psalms and hymns have been a vital part of the fabric of life. Little is known about Southern Hymnology and almost nothing is known about Confederate Hymnology. A gospel minister […]

Before Don Rickles, There Was Martin Luther

It’s been said that if you’re in the ministry, you need to have a soft heart and the skin of a Rhino. Young pastor’s will find out very soon in their ministry how monstrous church members can be at times. They will find themselves insulted, lambasted, criticized up one side and down another and maybe […]

J.I. Packer: Some Favorite Books

The Value of Christian Biography

David Leach: About 35 years ago as I began to build a theological library I had a primary focus on commentaries and "hard theology." By "hard theology" I mean solid and more substantial works as opposed to the various sorts of "pop" Christian books. After 1976 when I came to a sovereign grace soteriology, I […]

Why Old Books Smell

I can’t speak for you, of course, but personally, I love that musty smell of a classic old book – and I’ve never really cared how or where the smell came from. I certainly didn’t know that somewhere in the world, scientists were actually researching it….but I’m not surprised.

Recommended Systematic Theologies

Often times I am asked what systematic theologies I would recommend. Well, it’s a loaded question, because I think it’s beneficial to read even from those I know I will disagree with before even opening the work. Obviously, being a Baptist, I’ll recommend those most near to my understanding of solid biblical teaching. However, even […]

Fifty Difficult Passages Explained

“Yes, some passages of Scripture are hard to understand. Many have been misunderstood. Here, Dr. Adams tackles fifty of the most commonly misunderstood and brings his exegetical skills to bear with the goal of helping you understand and apply God’s truth to your life.” [Here’s one of them…] In 1 John 5:16, John wrote that […]

A Blow At the Root of Antinomianism

Monergism has released a free e-Book by puritan John Flavel entitled A Blow At the Root of Antinomianism. It is excellent (of course!). Highly recommended reading. Table of Contents 1. The Rise of Antinomianism. 2. The Doctrinal Errors of Antinomianism. 3. Error 1: Justification from Eternity. 4. Error 2: Faith a Believing we are Justified. […]

The Trouble With Being Cross-Centered

I’ve recently run across a book online called The Trouble with Being Cross-Centered by P. Andrew Sandlin. I can find no reviews, and no ‘sneak peek’ at the introduction. All I have to go on are the very short promotional tags outlining its contents on Lulu’s Marketplace. The short description is this: [The book] Shows: […]

Christmas Books

If you know me, you know I love books. Old ones. Ones written by dead guys…and a very, very, very few live ones. But…if you were going to recommend a book, as a gift, to one that you loved for (not necessarily about) Christmas, what would it be? You tell us your recommendation(s), and we’ll […]

John MacArthur’s Closet Retraction (Did Phil Johnson Really Post This?)

I read these retractions this morning, allegedly from John MacArthur, concerning some teachings of his from earlier years. All of these retractions are in regard to MacArthur’s book “The Gospel According to Jesus”, and are claimed to have been posted by Phil Johnson years ago. My question is, did Phil Johnson really post this? There’s […]

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