Blogging & the Age of Tyrants

In the seventh and sixth centuries, B.C., there was an age known in history as the “age of the tyrants.”

It’s not like you think. These weren’t necessarily bad guys, with bull-whips and hellish intentions, exercising evil dominance and planning wicked schemes over a helpless and gullible people. Oh no, these tyrants were actually champions of the people. In other words, the people loved and supported them.

Most of the time, these tyrants were dead-set against aristocratic or plutocratic minorities, and that’s why they were loved by the masses. They actually contributed an enormous amount to the economic and cultural development of the city-states they ruled. In fact, tyranny only took on the modern meaning in a pejorative sense after democracy took its place.

Blogging these days has created a new age of tyrants. It has made champions for the people from those who have usurped authority to which they have no Biblical right. Anyone and everyone who has a blog can now teach as an ‘authority’ and be a champion of the people – even if they are unordained, unlicensed, not set apart by the Church and most importantly, uncalled of God to be an under-shepherd to the Church.

Yet they teach the Church, and attempt to lead it where they will.

And the people love it so.