Why Harold Camping & Not John MacArthur?

shhhhHave you noticed?

Everyone has jumped all over Harold Camping for being wrong in his predictions and eschatology.

Yet, John MacArthur has been shown wrong in his predictions – not in predicting dates for the return of Christ – but predictions concerning Israel and their salvation by sight, and eschatology here and here and here and here and elsewhere, and in his teachings promising salvation to unbelievers after the second advent of Jesus Christ – clearly a heresy – and everyone says ‘hushhhhh.’

What’s the difference between Camping and MacArthur?

The difference is respect, notoriety, love, acceptance, worship, yes, possibly of the man himself.

Both men are wrong. Both are in error, poor exegetes in eschatology, and MacArthur’s error is salvific in nature! Yet Camping suffers criticism more than Mac, why?

Because Jesus hasn’t come down from the mountain yet, and the people below have made a golden calf.

If any preacher promises salvation by sight rather than by faith alone, today the day of salvation, which MacArthur and the majority of dispensationalists do, they are presenting as false a teaching as Harold Camping’s prediction of the rapture and judgment on May 21, 2011.

Preaching and teaching an opportunity for repentance and salvation after the Second Advent of Christ is another gospel, endangering the souls of men and is a serious error held by all who hold the premillennial dispensational doctrine. John MacArthur is no exception.

As one brother has said to me: “Macarthur is headed off a cliff theologically at 55 mph. Camping is doing it at 85. Either way, I would not want to be on either train.”

Amen to that!

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