Paul Washer Church Plant Still Pushing Mysticism

As most readers of this blog know, my family once attended Paul Washer’s church plant in Radford Virginia. We eventually left (and not soon enough) due to doctrinal differences which I felt – and knew – were not what most would call ‘secondary’.

As a minister, I do not see how anything in God’s Word can be considered ‘secondary’. In fact, I think such an attitude borders on blasphemy. God has spoken, and He has not stuttered. Over the years, I’ve found that most who insist on ‘secondary issues’ are more intent on forcing their own interpretation of Scripture to fit their cultural practice within the visible local church.

They hate it when I say that, but it’s true, and they know it. Leviticus chapter 10 shuts every person up who thinks that casual worship is ok.

Anyway, Paul Washer and his church plant in Radford Virginia are pushing mysticism. They have been from the beginning. I know, because I was there – at the beginning of their plant. It’s why I pulled my family out of that cultic atmosphere far later than I should have.

Now, let’s get this straight first and foremost: Paul is a nice guy, yes; he’s contributed to the church of Christ, yes; and, he knows he’s not perfect, yes again. All these things are true. I’d testify to them myself, firsthand.

But Paul has allowed what should not have been, and he has done so to perpetuate his own popularity and income, I think. I don’t know, it’s my best guess based on my experience with him and HeartCry and the church plant. Would you? If you were thrust on the international stage, would you compromise to remain there? I’ll leave that answer up to you. But, let’s look at facts here. Here’s a tweet by Paul:

In case the tweet suddenly disappears, here’s the screen shot:


Folks, the link he gives is here.

The link, posted by Anthony Mathenia (current ‘pastor’ ) is available for all to read. It’s pretty revealing.

First, look at this first paragraph of the revival announcement:

Most American Christians have never been part of a genuine, sweeping revival of true religion. Although the subject is wonderfully biblical and a frequent part of our own rich history, it has become a subject that the church and its people know less and less about experientially. Unfortunately, our tendency is to care little about things we have not experienced. Because revival deals with such vital issues as the manifest presence of God, the powerful free-flow of the Word of God, the righteous judgments of God Almighty on a fallen people, and the moral and spiritual tone of both church and nation, we must concern ourselves with this matter.

Revival deals with the manifest presence of God? Not obedience? Please. On the other hand, give this Mathenia kid a break, he’ll learn, I pray.

There is only one way to true revival, and this is it.

To the point, Paul Washer and to a far lesser extent, his appointed apprentice Anthony Mathenia, are both promoting mysticism in seeking an experience above obedience to God’s written word, and that should make you righteously angry. They both have a totally false view of biblical revival.

I saw this attitude and teaching when I mistakenly took my family there. I pray that you will see the same error.