Loud Braying Reveals An Ass

Charles Haddon Spurgeon:

“Never talk of what you have done, but go on to something else. An officer rode up to his general, and said, “Sir, we have taken two guns from the enemy.” “It is well,” said the general, “take two more.” BA59

The Lord loves to use tools which are not rusted with self-conceit. BA280

The moment we glorify ourselves, since there is room for one glory only in the
universe, we set ourselves up as rivals to the Most High. ME458

Before honour is humility, but a prating fool shall fall, and when he falls very few will be in a hurry to pick him up. PP28

There’s always time to boast—wait a little longer. PT57

I’ve known men who opened their mouths like barn doors in boasting what they would do if they were in somebody else’s shoes. PT151

A man’s praise smells sweet when it comes out of other men’s mouths, but in his own it stinks. PT155

Drums sound loud because there is nothing in them. Good men know themselves too well to chant their own praises. PT156

Loud braying reveals an ass. PT156

Some men’s mouths never will be stopped, except by the coffin lid. Their motto is, “While I live I’ll crow”; and so they will, for boasting is bred in their bone, and will come out of them. 1289.226

So much remains to be accomplished that we have no time to consider what has been done. 1834.201

Still waters, you know, run deep. Let me also say that deep waters run without din. When the river is very deep, there will not be half so much noise as when it is but shallow, and therefore rattles and raves over the stones which it scarcely covers. 2319.366

So do not destroy your own strength by taking the glory of it to yourself. 3140.188