Christians Gone AWOL

Will you be found working when our King returns? In truth today, there are a lot of Christians who are AWOL today. They have been saved but they refuse to serve the Lord with faithfulness. They are afflicted with what the Bible terms “divers diseases”, Matt. 4:24. Notice some of these afflictions:

1. Sundayitis – (Also known as “Morbus Sabbaticus”) – This baffling condition produces symptoms that are only seen on Sunday. It produces acute laziness in the person afflicted. It causes them to sleep in, or it can make them spend the day in the mountains or at the lake. This strange disease never seems to affect singings or eating meetings, but only those services where the Word of God is featured. Symptoms are usually worse from 9 AM to 12 PM. During the afternoon, the sufferer feels better until 5 or 6 PM when the symptoms return. The patient is almost always better by Monday morning allowing him to return to work, but sadly he usually suffers a relapse on Wednesday that keeps him away from prayer meeting.

2. Black Tongue – Characterized by idle gossip. This disease usually ties the tongue securely in the middle, leaving to loose on both ends. This affliction makes the sufferer very disagreeable because they usually don’t have a kind word to say about anybody.

3. Spiritual Paralysis – This sad condition doesn’t affect any other of life except the Lord’s work. People can hunt, fish, go on vacation, etc. They usually look well and can attend church with little problems. The only symptom is inactivity. This disease usually causes the afflicted to refuse all jobs in the church. The most common phrase heard from those afflicted is, “Get someone else.”

4. Sore Eyes – This disease causes the sufferer to be on the constant look out for something wrong. This affliction causes the one affected by it to see only the bad in every person and situation they encounter. This disease usually accompanies “Black Tongue.”

5. Spiritual Indigestion – Causes upset stomachs and produces lots of gas. This disease is almost always triggered by the preaching of the Word of God. The sufferer has a strong desire for spiritual milk. When they are fed strong meat, the symptoms usually return.

6. Spiritual Malnutrition – The sufferer is unusually weak in the faith and cannot seem to develop a consistent walk with God. This disease is caused by a lack of Bible study and overindulgence in worldly pleasures.

7. Spiritual Bruises – Causes extreme soreness in the area of bruise. When the preacher preaches on faithfulness, tithing, obedience, surrender, etcetera, this disease becomes easy to diagnose. This is the easiest of the spiritual diseases to detect because the patient will yell when the sore spot is touched.

8. Cirrhosis Of The Giver – This all too common affliction produces severe tenderness in the area immediately around the wallet and the checkbook. It causes the sufferer to feel compelled to give as little as possible to the Lord and His Kingdom’s work.

( There are some in this room that are afflicted with one or more of these diseases. My question for you is this; will you be found working when Jesus returns?)

-from a sermon entitled How Will You Meet the King?