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Subtle Dangers Christians Face

Christians, being in this world but not really at home here, are faced with great dangers from the world system and its people. The Apostle Paul has declared that victory over sin and all that it represents is assured by the faithfulness of God (Romans 6:14). But there is a danger of being deceived and […]

What is the spirit behind this performance?

A feature of New Calvinism is that it mixes the holy with the profane, and this, in my opinion, is because there is no fear of God before their eyes. The embedded video is an example of New Calvinist worship in practice. The scene is The Resolved Conference (2008) of John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church, […]

5 Features of New Calvinism

New Calvinist has a two-part series of articles on “Who Are the New Calvinists?”  The Lectures by Ted Williams were delivered at the School of Theology, Metropolitan Tabernacle, London, on July 4, 2012. The lectures were read by Darren Cadapen, a member of the Tabernacle fellowship. From Part 1:  New Calvinism, The Gospel Coalition and […]

Against the World – The World Is Trespassing

Join host Jerry Johnson for this week’s edition of Against the World, as Jerry discusses tolerance and intolerance.

Mark Driscoll: “Cessationism is Worldliness”

The audio below is an excerpt from a talk Mark Driscoll gave on the four distinctives of what he calls the "New Reformed" movement, i.e. new calvinism, which basically is an attempt to combine reformed theology and charismatic theology. Now, we have an old saying where I come from and it’s this: That dog won’t […]

Legalism & Worldliness

Christian Entertainment In The Church

Defining ‘Worldliness’

From the fact of its holiness it does not follow that the church may rest on its laurels. On the contrary, it must constantly be at war with the enemy that would destroy its holiness. Again, the church may not rest satisfied with the degree of holiness which it has attained. It must ever strive […]

Along The Narrow Way

Walking along the narrow way denotes a steady perseverance in faith and obedience to God in Christ. It signifies the overcoming of all opposition and the rejecting of all temptations to turn off into what Bunyan terms "Bypath meadow." That narrow way must be followed no matter how much it may militate against my worldly […]

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