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Two History Books for Your Library

Here are a couple of books regarding history that I highly recommend and believe every Christian should have on their bookshelves. There are plenty more I will probably recommend in the future, but these two are a good start. In my opinion, they are “must-haves”.   1. History of the United States – Alexander H. […]

A Warning Label On The Constitution of the United States?

Quite literally just a few miles down the road from where I write is a small little town called Radford, VA. In this town there exist a small publishing company called Wilder Publications. Well, it seems our neck of the woods is now drawing national attention, again, and Wilder is drawing national scrutiny because they’ve […]

Is Obama Poised To Cede U.S. Sovereignty?

On October 14, Lord Christopher Monckton gave a presentation in St. Paul, MN on the subject of global warming. In this 4-minute excerpt from his speech, he issues a dire warning to all Americans regarding the United Nations Climate Change Treaty that is scheduled to be signed in Copenhagen in December 2009. Here is the […]

Onward, Christian Zionists

Christian Zionists believe that in order to fulfill Biblical prophecy, Israel must conquer most of the Middle East. They are a growing force in American politics with ties to many powerful pro-Israel groups in Washington. It is truly amazing how what was once a ‘fringe’ movement, originating for the first time in the 1800’s, is […]

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