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October 17

How Gen. Robert E. Lee Really Viewed Slavery

I really enjoy reading history as well as biographies of historical figures, especially those of American history. I know, nerdy. Maybe, but there it is. I’ve also always had an especial interest in listening to others when they speak of it in support of some view they hold dear in relation to current events and […]

The Machine: The Truth Behind Teachers Unions

Yet another reason to homeschool…..

I’ve Got Something

I’m writing a post that has something to do with an ancient Greek mythological character, the recently elected governor of Alabama, the Presidents’ 2010 state of the union address and the momentary man that has resulted from the industrial revolutions’ crushing of the biblical, God-given mandate of agrarianism. Once I figure this out, I’ll post […]

The Blessing Of Union With Christ

by Matt Perman Not only is redemption carried out in a covenantal framework, it is also carried out in a Christo-centric context. Christ fulfilled the Covenant of Works for us (and thus secured our salvation) because God has established a legal union between the elect and Christ; the redemption Christ thereby won for us is […]

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