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July 08

Backward Movements within the Church

Jay Miklovic of Dead Pastor’s Society has written a cognitive article on the backward movements currently popular within the visible church these days. The post is entitled The Ideal Time in History? and it’s a really good read which I recommend. In the article, Jay points out several groups that either claim for their movement […]

Preaching ‘Special Day’ Sermons

Preaching ‘special day’ sermons is an American tradition. Along with Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc, many pastors substitute the sermon with special occasion messages which are sentimental, humanitarian and patriotic. I’m all for American traditions, within reason, but it is troublesome to me that so many seem led to preach by what is expected from […]

Should Christians Observe Lent?

I’m not against traditions, generally speaking. On the contrary, I’m all for it. Raised in the South, I enjoy Southern traditions to the hilt, and unapologetically. Yet, when it comes to Christians observing Lent, I’m a little more than hesitant to give a green light. The practice and observance of Lent is extra-Biblical, human tradition, […]

Come Out from Among Them

The Old Testament provides us with great examples of how God delivers people from the hands of evil. Such is but the physical type of that deliverance which is offered at the hand of God through Jesus Christ in which men are offered deliverance from the condemnation brought upon all mankind at the hands of […]

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