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Why God Does Not Delight In Non-Christian Art

 This post is a response to Tony Reinke’s article “Does God Delight In non-Christian Art?” in which he concluded with a ‘Yes!” Tony is editorial and research assistant to C.J. Mahaney. The article was written apparently after Mr. Reinke was influenced by Richard Mouw’s work He Shines In All That’s Fair: Culture and Common Grace, […]

Bob DeWaay – A Biblical Critique of the Emergent Church (SO4J-TV)

SO4J-TVs Martha Mac interviews Pastor & Author Bob DeWaay about the many unbiblical beliefs of the emergent church. There is a lot of confusion about the emergent church, and their beliefs. The emergent church avoids: definitions, statements of faith, and boundaries, as they embrace postmodern thinking and mystery. SO4J-TV set out to find out: What […]

Phil Johnson On ‘Village Idiots’

In case you haven’t read it, I’m asking you to do that very thing now. Phil Johnson, of Pyromaniacs has given good reasons for not letting our guard down as regards the ’emergent church’. The post is entitled ‘Village Idiots’. For those of you who are thinking that the emergent voice is no longer a […]

Richard Bennett: Catholic Mysticism & The Emerging Church Revisited

Want to know more about how ancient roman catholic mysticism has now become modern practice in mainstream Protestant churches? Then you’ll appreciate this video. Richard Bennett, a former Roman Catholic priest, presents an informative and eye-opening examination of how the Roman Catholic cult and the emergent ‘church’, with their Bible-twisting, gay-affirming leaders such as Tony […]

TransFORM: The Devil & His Emergent Church In Your Neighborhood

After viewing Rob Bell’s presentation of his false, heretical gospel recently, it was difficult, at the time, for me to imagine more disheartening news for the day. I was wrong. I appreciate the hard work and dedication of those at Apprising.org, and I am truly thankful to God for a site that actually keeps us […]

Paul Edwards Interview With John MacArthur – “Obama Is Not A Christian”

5ptsalt.com recently posted an audio portion of Paul Edwards interview with John MacArthur, where MacArthur clearly says what many have believed, yet perhaps were hesitant to say. Well, MacArthur said it. In that clip, MacArthur states that Obama is a non-christian with no interests in Christ, God or the Bible…and much more. Since that posting, […]

Emergent Assault On The Prerogative Of God

But the serpent said to the woman, “You will not surely die. For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” – Genesis 3:4,5 (ESV) We have been warned over and over again concerning the emergent “church”, many times before, […]

Outlaw Preachers & the SBC – Both Are Attacking The Doctrine Of Judgment

In a previous video post featuring Tony Jones, you may have gotten a taste of the group which has labeled themselves the ‘outlaw preachers.’ The title was self-imposed, and, I must say, is spot on accurate! Time and time again we hear the same defense on their tweets, posts and videos…which can be summed up […]

Tony Jones: “Those Pesky Six Bible Verses About Homosexuality”

Tony Jones, a ‘theologian’ of the emergent community, continues his attack on, and rebellion of, clear biblical teaching by pushing the emergent ‘conversation’ to new heights of illogical thinking: HT: Transplant Ministries, with some great input you can read here. For more on Tony Jones and this latest push by the emergent crowd to have homosexuality accepted in […]

Tony Jones Speaks With Forked Tongue!

Chris Rosebrough of the Fighting for the Faith radio program has caught Emergence leader, Tony Jones speaking out of both sides of his mouth regarding his reasonings regarding the sin of homosexuality. Listen to it here.

What Is Emergence/The Emergent Church?

Although most of the readers of 5ptSalt.com are more than familiar with ‘the emergent church’, we still get questions about it, and those questions need answers! I encourage those of you who have questions check out the following new feature of Monergism.com. A ‘FAQ’ section on the emergent church!! If that’s not enough to keep you busy, click […]

Linda Harvey: The Emerging Lie

“Have you heard of the Emergent Church? The Shift? Can you trust today’s new evangelical leaders? Some are attempting to morph the evangelical platform into messages that deny the basics of Christian doctrine. It’s often anti-God, anti-Bible, anti-truth. More interested in trends and politics than in obedience to God, they are attempting to sway evangelical […]

Post-Modernism and The Emergent Church

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