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January 15

Pastor in Dundee, Scotland to Tony Miano: You’re Not Helping, You’re Harming and Crying Wolf

I ask all who follow Cross Encounters Ministries and/or visit this website to pray not only for me, but for Christians around the world that are facing various forms of persecution, most far more serious than what I experienced in Scotland, as they lovingly and boldly proclaim the gospel to a lost and dying world. […]

Tony Miano: Improve Results of Evangelistic Services By Getting Arrested

If other pastors ask a serious question about how to replicate actions that will increase results from an evangelistic service [as if their actions, itinerary or method will make a difference, as if it is in their power to make it so], is the answer to give them – even “in jest” – that getting […]

January 09

Why Tony Miano Really Got Arrested, Again

Tony Miano, founder of CrossEncounters has been arrested, again. “Street preacher Tony Miano, who was arrested yesterday (8th January), has been released on bail to appear before Dundee Sheriff Court on 7th April. Police in Scotland arrested the Christian street evangelist after a woman complained that he had spoken about sexual sin. Tony, a US […]

Tony Miano – Unsent

This is more than disturbing. Brethren, if the local Church which you are a member of, in good standing, has not set you apart and recognized you as called of God, you should not be preaching at all. From Tony Miano’s own bio we learn that: Tony served as a chaplain for the Los Angeles […]

Only Fools Charge the Gates of Hell

Brethren, beware of anyone teaching, either implicitly or explicitly, that Christians can or should “charge the gates of Hell.’” It is foolish, unbiblical, dangerous thinking. Nowhere in Scripture are Christians instructed or called to do so. It is a popular phrase, especially among the Pentecostal, charismatic – and new Calvinists – to use such language. […]

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