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Is Theonomy On Life Support?

by David Leach Theonomy/Reconstructionism which seemed to be so significant in the thinking, preaching and writing of a number of (mostly) Reformed believers seems to be waning. Some seem to be giving the hermeneutics of theonomy a more critical look and are becoming less persuaded of it’s foundational claims, while others who are still relatively […]

John Weaver: Jesus Was Not A Jew

Very interesting. However, the video snapshot declaring ‘Christianity for Kinism’ is misleading because John Weaver is certainly not a kinist!

A Video Critique of Wayne Grudem’s ‘Politics According to the Bible’

Gary Demar, Joel McDurmon and Brandon Vallorani take a closer look at Wayne Grudem’s book, Politics According to the Bible, and attempt to show the difference between theonomy and Christian reconstructionism. Did Wayne Grudem ‘drop the ball’ on this one? Read the quotes from the book, watch the video, and you decide. There is a […]

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